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Alternatively you can call our Putney Head Office and Clinic direct on 0208 246 4861 for any queries or to arrange an appointment with a doctor.

Open until 8pm most evenings, until 5pm on Saturday and 10-4pm Sunday.

Cosmedics Bristol Clinic

By Car:

Free parking is available for patients visiting Cosmedics’ Bristol clinic.

  • From the city centre, drive up Park Street, round the Triangle and into Queen’s Road towards Clifton Village.
  • At the mini-roundabout take the Pembroke Road turning, then take the second left and travel along Clifton Park for about half a mile.
  • The clinic is then on your right, at the junction with Clifton Down Road.

By rail to Temple Meads Station:

If arriving in Bristol by train, our clinic is in the Clifton area which can be accessed via

  • A 5 minute journey by taxi
  • 15 minutes via local bus routes to Clifton

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Our Bristol skin clinic is well placed in the heart of Clifton at the prestigious Liftfield House Medical Centre.

All our treatments are provided, with non-surgical and minor surgery procedures being provided by experienced surgeon and cosmetic treatments doctor Mr Dan Thio. Popular treatments in our Bristol clinic include:

Patients travel from afar to get our expert opinions and like the fact that most treatments can be carried out on the same day. Mole removal is one such procedure where we offer our ‘see and treat’ service so patients can have all their blemishes removed there and then.

All our Cosmedics doctors are experienced in the non-surgical and minor skin surgery services we provide.

Mr Dan Thio runs our popular Bristol clinic.
His background in surgery means that he is extremely competent in the removal of unwanted moles, warts, cysts and skin tags and leaves minimal scarring through his great surgical skills.

He has also completed courses for cosmetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and facial fillers and offers his patients excellent, natural looking anti-ageing results. As well as his experience and qualifications, his patients particularly appreciate his personable, calm and approachable manner.
dr-sarah-thioDr Sarah Thio also offers surgical skin treatments and specialises in specialises in moles warts cysts and skin tag removals.

As a GP and trainer of GPs, Sarah is very highly qualified. She frequently trains GP registrars in surgical techniques.


41 thoughts on “Bristol

  1. My 14 year old daughter has a flat mole on her face,, on her left cheek which is pea sized. She is very conscious of it and would like it removed,is this something that you can do, as our doctor has advised us to go private.

    1. The first step is to arrange a consultation with a Doctor to assess your spider veins and at this point they would be able to advise on the best treatment and cost. To arrange an appointment at our Bristol clinic, please call 020 7386 0464 or email

    1. If a mole is very close to the eye, we’d advise emailing a photograph before booking a consultation, so that we can check whether we would be able to treat it. Please email To book an appointment or speak to one of our advisors, please call 020 7386 0464. A consultation fee of £50 applies, which is redeemable against the price of treatment.

  2. I have 3 skin tags 2 on my left eye lid and one larger one on my face just below the left eye, i want them removed would you do these 3 all at once? and what would be the estimated cost?

    1. For 3 skin tags, £160-250 would be a fair guide depending on complexity and we do note that your skin tags are close to the eye area. They would usually be done in one session. All quotations are subject to consultation at our London or Bristol clinics. Please call 020 7386 0464 or email if you wish to arrange an appointment.

  3. Hi I have a skin tag underneath my left eye and I would like to no how much it would cost to have removed many thanks nat

    1. Skin tag removal starts at £160 and prices are confirmed at consultation, for which a fee of £50 applies, redeemable against the price of treatment. If it is very close to the eye, you could email a photograph before booking a consultation, so that we can check whether we would be able to treat it. Please email

  4. Hello my girlfriend has a raised mole on her stomach which she feels quite self conscience about. It is about the size of a 50 pence piece. What is the likely cost of removal?

    1. Any quote is subject to consultation, but as a guide we would suggest from £295 plus £80 for the testing. This is based on removal by shave excision which is the most common method for raised moles. If the mole requires an elliptical excision with stitches it may be more expensive (estimate from £450). The surgical technique can only be decided once the mole has been seen by the doctor. Please contact us if you wish to book an appointment.

  5. I recently moved to Bristol and had started rejvenation facials with a candeal laser which is a non invasive treatment that allowed me to go back to work the same day with no visible marks. Do you have a candela laser or offer rejuvenation facials?

    1. We don’t have anti-ageing laser treatments in our Bristol clinic, but we can offer Dermaroller or facial peels, as well as anti-ageing injections.

    1. Laser skin tightening for the face is £50 per session, but unfortunately this is only available in London at present.

  6. Hi, I have three skin tags/moles that I would like removed. I have had multiple consultations and been told that they are skin tags by some and moles by another. I know the cost for removal is very different. Is there a way of confirming what they are before a consultation?

    1. Please email a photo to, so that we can ask Dr Ross Perry, who is highly experienced in diagnosing and removing both types of skin issues, to advise prior to arranging a consultation.

  7. Hi,I would like to have restylane fillers for fuller lips and fine lines around my lips, how much would it cost including consultation? Also do you give any discount for having more than one treatment as I may like to have a mole removed also?

    1. Sorry, we are not currently offering lip fillers in Bristol and would be unable to offer a discount in any case, as they are very separate procedures. However, we have an excellent surgeon for mole removal. Please call 020 7386 0464 or email if you’d like to book.

    1. Yes this is normally removed using laser treatment. The cost would depend on number of lesions, but our Doctor advises from £295.

  8. Anti-wrinkle injections – I was very very pleased with the result and completely trust Dan, he gives you a very natural look all the staff are very friendly!

  9. Hi
    I want a flat mole removed on my leg. It’s about the size of a penny? What would the estimated price be? And how long is the waiting list. Thanks

    1. The cost does vary according to procedure undertaken and it is difficult to assess properly without seeing the mole. From your description it sounds like ellipse excision with stitches would be the most likely option, which would cost £650-750 plus £80 for testing. If the mole can be removed by shave excision possible then the cost is less at £295 plus £80 for testing. For larger moles, it is more likely first scenario. You can email a photo of the mole to and we may be able to give a more accurate idea, which would be confirmed at consultation.
      In terms of waiting times, can arrange an appointment in a matter of days and our generous consultation appointment times allow for the mole to be removed straightaway if you wish to go ahead.

    1. Wart removal using cryotherapy (freezing) starts at £295, but if laser treatment is required, the price starts at £295. All prices are subject to confirmation at your consultation with the doctor or surgeon, which will enable them to examine and assess the wart properly.

  10. i have a large raised mole under my sideburn in front of my right ear. If i have the mole removed will my hair still grow in that area??

  11. Do you remove sebaceous cyst on face. I had two steroid injection done in 2009 with nhs. It has reduce in size and doesnt hurt but is still visible. Please advise how much and do you do it in Bristol?

  12. Hello there,
    My last moles check dates back to at least two years ago, before moving to the UK. I would like to book a screening and see if everything is ok. How much would it cost? Thank you.

    1. Hi, the full body mole check is £190 – please contact our team on 0207 386 0464 to check which clinics this is available at.
      If there is just one specific mole/area to be looked at, then the price is £50 for a standard consultation (this fee is redeemable if any mole is removed in the same appointment). This service is available at all our skin clinics.

  13. Hi there I am looking to enquiry about a facial mole removal. I have a raised mole on my jaw line.
    I am over the age of 18.
    How much would this cost and how long are your waiting lists?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi, mole removal costs from £295, but prices are subject to confirmation at consultation once our doctor has seen the mole to make a proper diagnosis. As a private skin clinic, we don’t have waiting lists. Our doctors and surgeons can usually remove the mole in the same appointment too, saving a revisit. If you would like to book to see Dr Rhys Stevens in our Bristol clinic, please feel free to call our team on 0207 386 0464 or email

  14. Dr Rhys Stevens removed my mole last week, I 100% recommend, it was in a difficult & sensitive place & he was completely brilliant, after barely 5 days I can hardly tell it was ever there. Thank you so much Dr Stevens, I recommend you to everyone x

    1. Thanks Lorraine, we are glad you’re pleased and we really appreciate your feedback. Will pass your comments onto Dr Stevens. Thanks again.

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