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Before & After Treatment Results

Before and after vaginal skin tag removal

Before and after vaginal skin tag removal

Embarrassing vaginal skin tags? We can help

Vaginal skin tags

Firstly, if you have vaginal skin tags, then rest assured that they are harmless from a medical point of view. While vaginal skin tags are not contagious, it is important to have them correctly diagnosed, as they can look similar to genital warts, which can be passed onto partners during intercourse.

Skin tags are growths of skin and are most commonly caused by friction – skin rubbing on skin or clothing – which causes little growths to appear.

The main problem when they appear in the vagina or genital area is that they are can be extremely embarrassing and also uncomfortable, easily irritated by tight clothing such as skinny jeans or gym wear.

Genital skin tag removal in private clinics

Many patients are keen to get rid of skin tags to get rid of the embarrassment and worry.

The good news is that removal of vaginal skin tags is surprisingly quick and easy. Unfortunately, as vaginal skin tags are considered medically harmless, the NHS now rarely offer this service.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics specialise in removing genital skin tags. We have female doctors and surgeons as well as male, but can assure our patients that all our medical experts are highly trained and proficient not only in removing the problem but also in putting you at ease every step of the way.

Vaginal skin tag removal costs from £500

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the issue. We will provide a quote at your consultation after assessment and diagnosis.

Please call us on 0207 386 0464 for help and advice.

  • Proper diagnosis and careful treatment
  • Doctors trained in skin surgery
  • Sexual health advice as appropriate

What to expect with vaginal skin tag surgery

Vaginal skin tag removal is a minor surgical procedure. That means that it is a simple in and out ‘day case’ appointment.

The procedure is carried out using local anaesthetic to ensure that it is comfortable throughout. Our doctors and surgeons use a fine scalpel to carefully and thoroughly remove the skin tags, leaving a neat wound which will normally heal quickly.

Same day treatment

Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to offer vaginal skin tag removal ‘there and then’ at the same appointment as the consultation. This saves the need to book another appointment.

The doctor will explain exactly what to expect at your consultation so that you have all the facts in advance of any procedure.

Genital skin tag removal recovery

Most patients say the recovery experience is far better than they’d expected. Given the sensitivity of the vaginal area, it is surprising how comfortable the recovery is.

We suggest you take standard painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen before the anaesthetic wears off, then manage any pain using normal doses. After the first 24 hours it should feel noticeably better, but continue to take occasional painkillers if necessary.

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Treatment time

Less than 30 minutes

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Recovery time

1-2 weeks

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Vaginal Skin Tag Removal Costs

Skin TagsCost
Genital skin tags from £500

Vaginal Skin Tag Removal Consultation

The cost of consultation with our doctors is £50. This is redeemable against the cost of treatment carried out on the same day.

Prices are a guide to the costs and the exact price can only be determined once the doctor has examined you in person. Most vaginal skin tags don’t need histology testing. However, in certain circumstances if the doctor thinks it is necessary, then they will discuss this with you and the related costs.

Please call 0207 386 0464 OR email for advice and help.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Our medical advisors would be happy to make an appointment for you:

The consultation fee is payable on booking. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

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Vaginal Skin Tag Removal FAQ: Questions & Answers

What is a vaginal skin tag?

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Vaginal skin tags are little growths of skin that often appear due to friction – skin rubbing on skin or clothing. They are not contagious or harmful in any way, so there’s no need to be concerned. However, it is important to get a correct diagnosis to rule out vaginal warts, which are transmitted through intercourse. Even though vaginal skin tags are harmless, they can be unsightly and/or uncomfortable. You may also feel that they get in the way of feeling totally clean.

What do vaginal skin tags look like?

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Vaginal skin tags are small protruding growths that sit on a ‘stalk’. They look a little like the head of a pin or a deflated balloon.

They are usually quite small, from 2mm-1cm is normal; although they can grow larger. They tend to occur by themselves rather than in clusters. They don’t tend to itch or bleed, unless due to friction.

Flatter growths in clusters may be vaginal warts rather than skin tags, so it is important to get a proper diagnosis.

Can I get anything at the chemist to treat vaginal skin tags at home?

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It may be tempting to look into over the counter remedies, but unfortunately such treatments are not suitable for intimate areas. We definitely advise against searching google for a DIY treatment. Patients who are keen to get rid of vaginal skin tags should seek specialist treatment by a suitably qualified and experienced doctor or surgeon.

Do I have vaginal skin tags or warts?

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For those who are not familiar with skin tags, it may be possible to confuse them with the symptoms of another disease such as genital warts, which are contagious. It is important to get the right diagnosis, as genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and can be passed to a sexual partner.

A summary of the different characteristics:

Skin tags:

  • Loose, hanging skin. Stalk-like
  • In an area where the skin folds
  • In an area of dry skin, not in or around the vagina
  • Not painful or itchy
  • 1-2 growths

Genital warts:

  • Flat and round shape
  • Many growths appearing in clusters
  • Warts tend to be around the vagina or anus
  • Causes itching, pain, or bleeding

As this is a sensitive area and not easy to see what you are doing the best option is to book a consultation with a doctor. Although the NHS are unlikely to offer treatment, they should be able to provide you with a diagnosis.

How are the skin tags removed?

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Our doctors tend to use a combination of surgery and laser to remove the skin tags. The exact treatment plan is adjusted to suit each individual’s requirements.

Some wounds might have a small temporary dressing while others may be left open. Aftercare requirements will be fully discussed and explained in your consultation.

What happens at the consultation?

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The first step is to carry out a proper diagnosis of your skin tags. This will include a close visual assessment as well as discussion of relevant medical history.

After appraisal of your skin tags, we will provide a quote for treatment. If you wish to go ahead, in most cases we can offer ‘See & Treat‘ same day vaginal skin tag removal there and then in the same appointment.


How long do I need to stay?

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Our vaginal skin tag removal techniques mean that vaginal skin tag removal can be done as a ‘walk-in walk-out’ procedure in about 30 minutes. You are then free to go home and carry on life as normal. There is no need for any recovery and certainly no overnight stay.

Patients are often surprised how quick and simple the whole process can be.

How painful is the treatment?

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We use local anaesthetic, which means that the procedure is entirely pain-free. There will be scratch as the injections go in, but then the area is numbed.

Once the local anaesthetic wears off, we recommend taking simple paracetamol or ibuprofen as required for a few days.

What if I’m too embarrassed?

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We understand that this is an extremely sensitive issue and will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. The treatment room is warm and equipped with privacy screens and drapes where possible. While we have seen many patients, we recognise that intimate examination is a very awkward experience for most. There will be 2 members of staff at all times and our staff will work hard to put you at ease. You can bring a companion if you prefer, but there is no need to do so.

Why should I get vaginal skin tags removed?

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It is a very personal choice. Some people aren’t bothered by vaginal skin tags, once they are reassured that they aren’t harmful or contagious. However, other patients worry about their appearance, which can cause confidence and intimacy issues. They can also cause discomfort, getting in the way or causing hygiene concerns.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics are able to help, both with diagnosis and treatment.

What about going to the toilet and cleaning?

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Cleanliness is, of course, paramount in the genital area. Bathe or shower daily and use a mild salt wash around the wound.

Keep a healthy diet high in fibre, fruit and veg to avoid any constipation, as any straining in going to the toilet can put a strain on the wound.

What aftercare is required?

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It is important to allow the best possible healing conditions for your skin tag. Depending on where the skin tag is located, you may be advised to sit in a certain way to avoid putting pressure on any wound for a day or two. This will be explained in the consultation before you decide to go ahead with the treatment.

You should avoid strenuous exercise for a week to avoid straining the wound although it is important to stay active and a daily gentle walk is recommended to boost your body’s natural circulation and healing.

After the first week, the initial wound should be healing well, but if you have any concerns or queries, please contact the Cosmedics team and Dr Ross Perry will provide advice.

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Results of Treatment

“I was really embarrassed about seeking help, but the doctor immediately reassured me there was  nothing to worry about. Even so, I’m really glad I had the treatment done. I feel so much more confident and can’t believe how quick and easy it was!”

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