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One Stop ‘See & Treat’ for Haemorrhoids

It is common for people to suffer with haemorrhoid / piles symptoms such as bleeding and or swelling in the anal area on opening their bowels. In some people these symptoms will be periodic and simple lifestyle measures (such as eating healthier) or over the counter creams (anusol) will give some relief. If the symptoms persist then seeing your GP doctor is advisable.

Once a diagnosis of piles is made it is not unusual for people to ignore their symptoms due to the long NHS waiting times and the potential for long painful recovery following conventional treatments. This is where the Rafaelo procedure has revolutionised how we are able to treat these embarrassing and worrying symptoms. This pioneering technology has paved the way for our ONE STOP haemorrhoid service.

Rafaelo Treatment for Haemorrhoids

The Rafaelo Procedure is the latest advanced treatment for haemorrhoids. This procedure uses radio frequency technology to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate, the common symptoms of internal (Grade 1-3) haemorrhoids by heating them up and causing them to shrink and seal off.

It can be carried out using only local anaesthetic. Most patients report very little pain or discomfort, and as a result the post-operative recovery time is very short. The success rate is around 90% which means it’s a single one off treatment in most cases.

The Rafaelo Procedure is a minimally-invasive walk in walk out treatment which typically takes no longer than 15-20 minutes to perform. Cosmedics offer this within our convenient ‘See & Treat’ service for patients, so you can get on with normal life without having to worry about them.

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✔  Able to walk in walk out in 30-45 mins

✔  Same day consultant colorectal surgeon treatment

✔  Get back to normal life the following day

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✔  NEW Radiofrequency technology heats up and coagulates the bulging tissue sealing it off permanently

✔  ONE OFF treatment in most cases

✔  100% more effective than banding & electrocautery

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✔  All you feel is a warm sensation

✔  Radiofrequency works to seal off the haemorrhoid

✔  Minimal downtime and recovery

Rafaelo Haemorrhoids

What is different about our Rafaelo Haemorrhoid Service?

  1. Firstly you will be seen by Mr Alex von Roon who is a leading London colorectal consultant surgeon and given an immediate diagnosis
  2. You do not need a referral as it is a private service at our Harley Street Clinic
  3. We provide a one stop ‘See & Treat’ service so patients can be examined and treated on the same day as a walk in walk out service.
  4. Fast recovery so can return to work within 24-48 hours
  5. The Rafaelo procedure is our preferred treatment because we believe that it offers the best balance between effectiveness and postoperative discomfort.

If your haemorrhoids are not suitable for the Rafaelo procedure, Mr von Roon will discuss other treatment options with you.

Treatment Costs/Prices


A consultation with our Colorectal Consultant Surgeon is required prior to treatment to provide a detailed diagnosis so that treatment options can be fully explained based on your specific needs.

All consultations and treatments are carried out at our Harley Street Clinic in central London.

Haemorrhoid Treatment Costs

At Cosmedics we feel strongly that each person should be able to get these treatments at an affordable cost in a suitable setting and with exceptional care standards. Our prices are very affordable compared to other clinics but with no compromise on quality of service and care.

Haemorrhoid Treatments Cost
Consultation with Colorectal Consultant  £275 inclusive of proctoscopy
Rafaelo treatment (30mins)  £2,225 totally inclusive
Follow up at 4 weeks included  Free of charge

Patient Review

“I am so glad I had it done and it was much better than I had anticipated”

R.L., 45 yr old male

How do I book an appointment?

CALL 020 7386 0464 send an email  BOOK ONLINE 

Call 0207 386 0464 or email  enquiries@cosmedics.co.uk and one of our medical advisors will make an appointment for you.

Option 1 – consultation only (30 mins) where you are unsure of your diagnosis

Option 2 – consultation & treatment (60 mins) where you have been given a diagnosis by your GP or other doctor or confident of self made diagnosis.

A deposit of £150 is taken for the booking and we have a 48 hour cancellation policy.


Comparison of Rafaelo vs Other Haemorrhoid Treatments

Rafaelo has the benefits over other haemorrhoid treatments:


Injection Banding Exroid Rafaelo HALO Surgery Excision Surgery
Local or Sedation / GA None None None Local GA Sedation GA
Pain Mild Mild Minimal Minimal Moderate Moderate /high
Recurrence Rate 50% 50% 60% 10% 10% 5%
Success rate 50% 40% 40% 90% 85% 95%
Single or multiple treatments Single / multiple Single / multiple Multiple Single Single Single
External shrinkage of protrusion No Minimal No Yes Yes  Always

Key Features of Rafaelo Haemorrhoid Treatment

  • Higher success rate around 90% vs other walk in walk out procedures
  • One off single treatment
  • Minimal / low discomfort during treatment
  • Quick and less painful recovery than comparable surgical procedures
  • Can help shrink and reduce the external protrusion of certain haemorrhoids making the symptoms in that area much more comfortable.

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