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Thread Veins or Spider Veins

Thread veins also known as spider veins because of the spidery way they cross the skin are a common issue and are harmless. They are more common in women particularly after pregnancy but tend to occur, as we get older.

The medical term for them is telangiectasia and they are very simply enlarged veins which are visible at the surface of the skin.

Once thread veins have appeared, they tend not to disappear. Medically they are considered to be harmless, but many people do want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons and to stop them getting worse.

Cosmedics offer two treatment options for thread veins:

  • Laser treatment – ideal for the treatment of smaller thread veins on the legs
  • Sclerotherapy injections – recommended for larger thread veins

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Varicose Veins

Varicose veins on the legs can sometimes coexist with thread veins but are often bigger blue bulging veins. See our laser treatment options for varicose veins that include EVLA and foam injections.

Treatment Information

Thread Vein Removal Consultation:

Doctor Consultation £50.

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

Thread Vein Removal Treatment Prices

Thread Vein Removal costs per session Cost
Consultation £50 *
Leg thread vein removal sclerotherapy injections from £300
Laser leg thread vein removal from £350
Haemangiomas/blood blisters/red dots on the body from £350

Patient Review:

“Amazed how easy it was”


Leg Thread Veins Laser Therapy

Laser treatment is ideal for the treatment of smaller thread veins on the legs.

If they become too large for laser treatment, then sclerotherapy injections are a better choice. These are also available from our team of doctors, so there is normally no need to arrange a second appointment. You will be given open and honest advice about which sort of treatment is most appropriate at your consultation.

Laser treatment involves the careful administration of intense pulses of laser light to shrink and destroy the tiny red blood vessels at the skin’s surface. It is an intense but very quick burst of heat, which has been described by some as feeling like having an elastic band snapped against the skin. Local anaesthetic gel can be used if necessary or for larger treatment areas.

Sometimes a course of treatment is necessary to achieve the maximum results, although significant improvement can normally be seen in just one session and this may be enough depending on the severity of veins being treated.

Leg Vein Injections

Sclerotherapy injections work to destroy the vein so that it breaks down and is not visible at the skin’s surface. These are suitable for larger veins on the legs, where laser is less effective.

At your consultation, you will be advised on the best course of treatment to suit you.

Key Points:

  • Ideal for : blue, purple red thread veins, thighs, backs of knees and lower legs
  • Not for : while pregnant or breast feeding or taking regular aspirin.
  • Pre-care : no recent tan, buy support tights or stockings (class 2 tightness) to cover required areas required or ask chemist for support stockings
  • Treatment schedule : consultation first and 3-4 treatment sclerotherapy (injection) sessions in most cases 4-6 weeks apart.
  • Procedure by : doctor
  • What to expect after : need to wear support tights for a week, bruising for 2-3 weeks, no heavy exercise for 5 days
  • Cost : from £300 per session

Why do I have thread veins?

They tend to arrive with age – over 70% of women over 70 have thread veins – and although they can have no apparent cause a tendency to thread veins seems to be an inherited trait. They can also be associated with hormonal changes and exposure to the sun, wind and cold.

Who would benefit from thread vein removal treatments?

The treatment is designed to tackle prominent, visible veins that can appear on the legs. These may be bluish, red or purple in colour.

How much is treatment?

Treatment prices start at £300, but this would be confirmed at your consultation with the doctor. It is important to note that sometimes more than one session is required to get long lasting results and sometimes a maintenance session is required.

Do the thread vein treatments hurt?

Expect the normal sensation of an injection – a mild scratch-like discomfort that is over in seconds.

What results would I see?

The thread veins will shrink back after treatment, leaving clearer skin so that you can feel free to show off your legs.

Occasionally a few treatment sessions are required to get optimal results normally about a month apart. The results can last for up to a few years before the natural skin effects means that sometimes they recur or new veins appear due to the skins natural tendency to form these veins. At this point, further treatment can be arranged if necessary  to tackle any new veins.

Can I return to work and normal activities?

In most cases ‘yes’.

Do I have to wear stockings?

To ensure long lasting results it is important to note that clients who have leg scelotherapy treatment should wear compression class 2 stockings for a minimum of 48 hour post treatment but can be worn for up to 1 month post treatment.

These are soon to be available to purchase at our Putney clinic or online but can also be purchased at chemists.

Are there any side-effects from the thread vein treatment?

Occasionally you get some bruising and redness which settles in a week or so. Rarely some light brown marks can be left where the vein once was, but this normally settles.

What should I expect after treatment?

Patients often experience some redness afterwards from a few days to 1-2 weeks according to how many veins are needed to be treated and those with fairer skin types typically take a bit longer to recover.

Lots of moisturising is advised afterwards and application of sunblock is important to protect skin after treatment.

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Before & After

"Amazed at how easy it was"
Joanne, thread vein removal

Thread veins around the knees/legs treated with the Harmony XL Pro laser.

Blue/purple thread veins can also be removed from the legs. These are common on the thigh area.

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2 thoughts on “Thread Veins – Legs

  1. Hullo. I am 82 years of age and currently on Pradaxa (dabigatran) tablets
    for AF – prevents clotting. What kind of treatment would you advise for
    spider veins.

    1. Dr Perry advises that if they are on the face then laser cautery can work well. However, if you have thread veins on the legs then unfortunately we would not advise any treatment, as this could cause a lot of bruising and bleeding and it would be best to stay on the anticoagulation for this condition.

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