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Treatments at Cosmedics Skin Clinics

All these procedures were carried out at Cosmedics Skin Clinics by our doctors. 

You may see these pictures elsewhere on the internet, but they reflect our doctors’ own work. These photos have not been authorised for use on any other companies’ websites.


Botox treatment to the eye area to remove laughter lines and crow's feet.

Botox treatment to the eye area to remove laughter lines and crow's feet.

This patient with Bells Palsy was treated with BOTOX and latest fillers to soften lines and volumise the face.

Botox treatment for frown, forehead lines and a gentle eyebrow lift

Botox injections for frown lines and lifting brow and eye areas

Botox treatment for forehead lines on men works the best for this area

Botox treatment to the eye area / crows feet for fresher younger look.

Botox injections to remove ‘sad’ smile and give a happier appearance

Rejuvenation treatment with Botox and Restylane fillers.

Rejuvenation treatment with Botox and Restylane fillers.

BOTOX used to lift the brow /open eyes; dermal fillers to lift the cheeks / soften eye hollows

Dermal Fillers

Facial fillers to soften the deep smile lines that last for 9-15 months.

Facial fillers for a non surgical facelift for a younger look.

Dermal fillers were used to soften the nose to mouth lines. This is a preventative procedure as much as cosmetic, slowing the appearance of deeper lines.

Restylane fillers used for dramatic rejuvenation in the forehead and mouth areas.

Sculptra deep fillers used to dramatically soften the appearance of lines and creases, with the addition of extra volume

Dermal fillers for men rejuvenate the skin by removing deep lines & folds

Dermal fillers used to treat acne scarring, in combination with Dermaroller micro-needling

Nose to mouth fillers, gently plumping out the lines that can appear with age for a younger looking skin and lifted cheek area.

Dermal fillers can also be used to rejuvenate the decolletage/chest area

Lip Enhancement

Before and after lip fillers for a natural result that works best with juvederm / restylane.

Lip fillers can create a more sensuous and full lip profile. Natural-looking volume

Lip and chin filler to replace the collagen loss due the ageing.

Lip enhancement fillers are used here to create a fuller lip profile which is still soft and natural in appearance

Lip filler treatment to soften the smile and look more youthful

Lip enhancement injections create a more defined and slightly fuller pout.

This patient had naturally quite thin lips. Use of lip enhancement fillers gave a good result in adding volume for a fuller lip shape.

Subtle yet effective lip fillers. The overall shape of the top lip is more defined and the bottom lip is fuller without looking at all pouty. A very flattering result.

Mole Removal

"Cannot thank you enough. Other doctors said I would scar badly. Your kind manner and the expert care has given me so much confidence back" Ruth

Ms H.L. whose 2 moles on her chin were removed by radiosurgery with an excellent cosmetic result.

Small facial mole removed from the chin area.

"Many thanks again. Very pleased with all your care and kindness" Aoila

Mr C.B. mole on his nose was removed by laser surgery with minimal visible scarring.

Large mole adjacent to the patient's chin.

An unwanted mole at the top of the client's lip, removed quickly and painlessly

An excellent result after removal of 2 large, dark and awkward moles around the eyes

Removal of an unsightly raised mole adjacent to the eye

Miss M.G. mole removal for a cosmetic mole on her cheek by shave excision.

“So quick and not painful at all. Wish I had done it sooner” Carol A.

A large mole removed from the side of the chin. Same day treatment

Mole removal via Ellipse Excision

Mole removal above the lip using shave excision technique

Miss L.W. had her chest mole removed by shave surgery and laser for best outcome.

I am so happy with the results! The removal and recovery was so quick and painless that I regret not doing it years ago.

A bothersome mole removed from the side of the nose

This facial mole was removed straightaway in the consultation, leaving the skin clearer

A raised mole on the forehead was removed with minimal mark left after healing.

Surgical excision used for a large and dark facial mole.

Male facial mole removed quickly and painlessly.

A prominent mole removed from the patient's cheekbone.

Mole removal on the lower part of the cheek by shave excision.

Images showing before and after removal of a mole above the top lip.

Images showing before and after removal of a mole by the nose.

facial mole removed using ellipse excision surgery. The tiny stitches will be removed to leave a very small scar.

Results of facial mole removal with no stitches required.

Cyst Removal

Removal of a large cyst on the forehead, above the eyebrow

Cyst removal from the forehead, leaving minimal scar even straight after surgery

These images show the patient before cyst removal with a noticeable cyst close to the eye area. The second image shows the actual cyst removed

These images show the results of cyst removal after 1 week and after a month. The scar has healed and faded well.

A large sebaceous cyst was removed from the patient's side abdomen

A large sebaceous cyst was removed from the patient's side abdomen

A large and prominent cyst was removed from the patient's forehead, leaving just a very small scar which will fade further over time.

A large and uncomfortable cyst was removed from the patient's scalp. The scar will be hidden by hair

A large cyst removed from the cheek - results shown 2 weeks after

A large cyst removed from the scalp - results shown 2 weeks after

This cyst on the scalp was quite inflamed. Results show it's removal

A large and protruding cyst was removed from the scalp. The hairline is now much neater and hides the wound well.

Wart Removal

"Wish I had done it sooner". Mark.S

"You succeeded where so many have failed. So glad to be rid of this wart. Many thanks" Ian. K

Facial warts can be embarrassing as well as inconvenient. This wart was removed from the base of the nose with minimal scarring.

Skin Tag Removal

Common eyelid skin tags removed painlessly and easily with no scarring

Eyelid skin tag removal heals within a week

Common underarm / axilla sites for skin tags that rub and irritate

Facial skin tags are simple to remove with pain-free procedures

Skin tags in the groin and thigh area are removed easily by laser surgery

Thread Vein Removal

This patient had extensive facial veins, which were treated using the Harmony XL Pro at our London Vein Treatment Centre

"Better results than I expected and so easy" Amy

"I have to thank Cosmedics as it was done so professionally" Adrian

"Amazed at how easy it was" Joanne, thread vein removal

A prominent thread vein was quickly removed from the cheek, making the complexion much clearer.

Red spot (telangiectasia / spider vein) on tip of nose removed by laser cautery.

Thread veins on nose and upper lip removed painlessly with laser cautery.

Blue/purple thread veins can also be removed from the legs. These are common on the thigh area.

A complex network of thread veins behind the knees were removed leaving skin appearing smooth and healthy-looking.

Laser treatment for unsightly thread veins around the knees/legs using the Harmony XL Pro.

This 'venous lake' - or blood spot on the lip - was removed using the advanced Harmony XL Pro laser

Varicose Vein Treatment

The varicose veins were removed quickly and with minimal discomfort using EVLA . The legs are smooth after treatment.

Before and after varicose vein treatment using EVLA laser technique.

Before and after varicose vein treatment using EVLA laser technique.

Before and after varicose vein removal in our London clinic.

Varicose vein removal at our London clinic removed these lumpy veins quickly and effectively with no need for general anaesthetic or an overnight stay.

'I'm so glad I had this done - my legs look and feel so much better. Thank you.'

EVLA laser treatment for thigh varicose veins.

Varicose vein removal results at our London clinic

Lumpy and enlarged varicose veins removed without a trace with advanced EVLA laser treatment

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