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Award winning treatment
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Award-winning injectable anti-ageing treatment for treating loose and sagging skin, creating a firmer and more lifted look

Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo is an award-winning treatment which was specifically developed for treating loose and sagging skin, creating a firmer and more lifted look.

It is an injectable treatment which is based on hyaluronic acid but is quite unlike anything else on the market.

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Skin remodelling – lifting and sculpting
  • Skin tightening – reducing sagginess

Is it a filler?

Profhilo shares some similarities with the properties of skin fillers. It is an injectable product which can be used to volumise and lift the skin. However, it does so without ‘pumping up the volume’. It’s far more subtle, as it actually works to stimulate the skin’s own production of collagen and elastin, rather than simply adding a volume of its own.

Profhilo treatment is not just about replenishing lost volume but instead works to remodel the skin. Results include lifting and tightening, as the skin gains a firmer texture and consistency.

Profhilo is a natural gel like substance that injected into the skin to boost the skin tone and texture as well as giving a rejuvenating effect to the face. It is a very popular treatment that appeals to those people who want a natural lifting firming experience without going into more classic dermal fillers. It is a very light and soft substance that naturally integrates itself into the skins tissues to help boost your natural skin features.

Is it a skin booster?

Profhilo also shares some similarities with injectable skin boosters. It can hydrate and moisturise the skin from within, helping it to recover a more youthful glow. This function makes it a very flattering procedure for clients whose skin is becoming a bit dull and lacklustre. It can improve fine lines and promote younger and fresher-looking skin. However, no skin booster can provide the lifting and tightening effects which also come with Profhilo.

Where can it be used?

Profhilo is a good choice for rejuvenating the face and upper body and can also help reduce crepey skin, delivering a smoother, tighter and firmer appearance. Popular areas include:

  • Face
  • Neck, chest, décolleté
  • Arms
  • Hands and knees


Profhilo has won a number of awards:

  • 2016 – Winner – Aesthetics Awards Product Innovation of the Year
  • 2016 – Special commendation – Aesthetics Awards Injectable Product of the Year
  • 2016 – Best injectable product in Europe in the Aesthetic Industry Awards
  • 2015 – Anti-Ageing & Beauty Trophy for ‘Best Skin Enhancement Product’ at the 2015 AMEC Congress in Paris, France


Profhilo treatment is very well-tolerated by most patients.

Side-effects are few and temporary. These may include localised redness, swelling or bruising.

Most clients return straight to normal daily activities after treatment. However, we do advise not to wear makeup for the first 24 hours after treatment. Also, refrain from touching the injection site. This is due to the low risk of infection.

We also recommend avoiding hot, wet or sweating activities on the day of treatment (i.e. gym, running, sauna, swimming, steam).

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Younger looking skin

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Largely permanent

Profhilo Costs

Profhilo TreatmentCost per session
1x single PROFHILO® treatment session, 2ml £475

A course of 2 sessions is recommended for the best results. These are normally carried out 4-6 weeks apart.

Profhilo Consultation

The cost of consultation with our doctors is £75. This is redeemable against the cost of treatment carried out on the same day.

Prices are a guide to the costs and the exact price can only be determined once the doctor has examined you in person.

Call 0207 386 0464 OR email for advice and help.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Our medical advisors would be happy to make an appointment for you:

The consultation fee is payable on booking. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

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Profhilo FAQ: Questions & Answers

Is Profhilo a dermal filler?

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No – while it is an injectable product that can add volume to the skin, it is not the same as a dermal filler. Profhilo is a new product which was developed for the purposes of skin bioremodeling.

What makes Profhilo formulation special?

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Profhilo has a number of highly attractive attributes:

  • Biocompatible
  • Secure
  • Effective
  • Innovative

Profhilo Formulation

Who might benefit from Profhilo treatment?

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Profhilo® is perfect for anyone who wants to combat the signs of ageing. This may include:

  • Dull or tired looking skin
  • Fine lines
  • Loose or sagging skin

Treatment is indicated for patients aged 40-50, but results have shown it is also really
effective with younger and older patients. The minimum recommended age is 30.

What age is recommended for Profhilo treatment?

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The manufacturers suggest the treatment suits patients from the age of 30 onwards.

Where can Profhilo be used?

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Profhilo is a very versatile treatment which can be used in a variety of areas:

  • Facial areas including face, neck and décolletage
  • Body areas including hands, arms, knees

How is Profhilo different to dermal fillers?

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Profhilo is a HA (Hyaluronic Acid) gel, which is designed not to simply add volume but to bio-remodel the skin.

It was developed using patented technology resulting in hybrid cooperative complexes between high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular hyaluronic acid without the use of any chemical cross-linking compounds.

Profhilo stimulates four types of collagen (I, III, IV, VII and elastin) and does this thanks to slow and long lasting release of hyaluronic acid from the hybrid complexes action on fibroblast and keratinocytes.

This unique formulation works to restore elasticity, skin tone and deep hydration while lifting and tightening the skin.

What are the potential side-effects?

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Profhilo has an excellent safety profile. It is is highly biocompatible as it is made from natural hyaluronic acid and stabilised without additives (chemical cross-linking agents). This reduces the risk of allergic reaction.

As with any injectable product there is always a risk of bruising, redness, tenderness, itching or swelling. This normally subsides within a few hours or a day at most.

When will I see the results?

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Results are noticeable after 1-2 days, but the full effect can be seen after a week. Results can continue to improve for up to 4 weeks.

How long do Profhilo treatment results last?

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Results vary depending on the individual and the treatment carried out. In general, results last from 6-8 months, but may be longer in certain circumstances.

Results are influenced by lifestyle and skincare routine, so a non-smoker generally gets longer-lasting results than a smoker. Drinking plenty of water and using high SPF sunscreen also tend to lead to longer-lasting results.

Repeat treatments can be done whenever the results wear off.

How many injections will I need?

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Profhilo has a unique injection pattern that enables it cover most of the face with only 4-6 injections per side. It manages to do this by seeping into the ‘needy’ tissues nearby thus finding areas where it can support and firm the skin from underneath.

How does Profhilo work alongside other treatments?

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Profhilo actually compliments all other aesthetic or cosmetic procedures by significantly improving the tissue quality, tightening it and giving support to the structures underneath. It can be used very effectively alongside popular injectable treatments such as BOTOX® or dermal fillers as part of a holistic approach to skin remodelling and revitalisation. It can also be used in conjunction with laser/IPL or fractional laser skin resurfacing.

What are the aftercare guidelines?

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There is no downtime after Profhilo – you can return straight to your normal activities. However, we do advise the following:

  • Avoid wearing makeup, or touching your face for 24 hours to reduce the risk of any potential infection
  • Avoid physical strain and vigorous exercise/sports for 48 hours.
  • Avoid having further cosmetic procedures for at least 48 hours – mention this treatment to your practitioner if you are planning other treatments in the area
  • Avoid high temperatures e.g., sauna or steam for the first few days
  • Avoid UV exposure and wear an SPF 30 minimum

Can I go in the sun after Profhilo?

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Avoid excessive sunlight for 48 hours after Profhilo. If you must go out, wear a high SPF sunscreen and minimise exposure by covering up with hat/sunglasses, sticking to the shade as much as possible and returning indoors as soon as you can.

Even after the first couple of days, it is important to wear a high protection sunscreen every day to protect the skin and to make treatments last longer.

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Expert Profhilo Doctors

We now offer Profhilo treatment in all our London clinics. Our expert says:

“…really this could benefit virtually every patient I see!! There is no downtime and is a great treatment for the summer as it doesn’t matter if patients have a tan.”

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