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Anal skin tag removal results

Before and after anal skin tag removal

Before and after anal skin tag removal

Anal skin tag removal London

Anal skin tag removal London

Anal Skin Tag Surgery before after

Anal skin tag surgery before and after

Anal skin tag treatment before after

Anal skin tag treatment before after

anal skin tag removal before after

Anal skin tag removal before after

Before and after anal skin tag treatment

Before and after anal skin tag treatment

Anal skin tag before after

Anus skin tags removed by surgery & laser

anal skin tag removal before and after

Anal skin tag removal before and after

Anal skin tag before after results

Anal skin tag before after results

Before and after anal skin tags/warts

Before and after anal wart removal

Anal Skin Tag Removal, London

Anal skin tags very often appear as a result of piles or haemorrhoids, where the skin has stretched and not quite shrunk back again, leaving a fleshy flap of skin. They are quite common after childbirth.

What are anal skin tags?

Anal skin tags are fleshy areas of skin that protrude from the anal area often causing irritation, hygiene issues and lowered self-confidence with their partners.

The skin tags are often caused by the swelling of the skin due piles or haemorrhoids, where the skin has stretched and not quite shrunk back again, leaving a fleshy flap of skin. They are very common after childbirth, constipation and other bowel conditions such as anal fissures.

To have an anal skin tag removed privately is a service we offer at Cosmedics throughout our London clinics.

Who is Anal Skin Tag Removal for?

It is difficult for patients to seek help due to anal skin tags embarrassing nature and lack of awareness how it can negatively affect people’s lives. The NHS does not treat anal skin tags as it is deemed cosmetic and therefore people will need to find treatment privately.

Anal skin tag removal is for patients who want the reassurance that this condition whilst not a life-threatening issue can be dealt with simply, safely and quickly.

Anal skin tag removal is for irritating skin tags around the anus that cause intimacy problems with partners due to low self esteem; hygiene issues when wiping after going to the toilet; feeling not clean despite washing; are a consequence of past haemorrhoids or anal fissures and aesthetic concerns.

Anal skin tag removal benefits

Patients undergo anal skin tag removal for a number of benefits such as

  • Increased self esteem
  • Comfort
  • Sexual health
  • Preventing existing tags from getting larger
  • Personal hygiene
  • Cosmetic improvement

Why Cosmedics for anal skin tag removal?

Our team of doctors and surgeons

  • Have a wealth of experience in dealing with anal skin tags
  • Developed a AST protocol (1) that ensures not only a thorough history and examination but also a painless procedure under local anaesthetic for the removal of the anal skin tags. This protocol also enables a faster recovery with only mild discomfort for a few days afterwards.
  • Include a colorectal surgeon who can treat coexisting haemorrhoids, piles, warts (2) or fissures (3) should they still be problematic.
  • Provide same day anal skin tag removal as part of our unique ‘See & Treat’ service and dedicated follow up and aftercare.

Our clinics provide

  • Dedicated treatment rooms that are fully equipped
  • Nurses to chaperone and assist to ensure patients feel comfortable from beginning to the end
  • CQC registration for quality recognition and high standards of care

The skin tag removal process is very relaxed and comfortable with the consultation, examination and treatment taking 30 – 40 minutes in total. After which you can simply leave the clinic and resume your normal day.

What is the recovery process?

After the procedure patients can go straight home and are advised that they will have some mild discomfort for 2-3 days afterwards and some minimal spotting of blood as the wound heals. Bowel habit is unaffected, and washing is as normal. It is advisable to not to do heavy lifting or exercise for a week but all other activities including work are fine.

We find most patients are delighted once they have undergone treatment and often surprised how quick and easy the procedure is and how fast they can get back to resuming their lives without this nagging issue and just wish they had found us sooner.

Same Day Treatment

At Cosmedics we offer same day anal skin tag removal as part of our ‘See & Treat’ service. The skin tag removal process is very relaxed and comfortable with local anaesthetic given to numb the areas. The treatment only takes about 20 minutes and you are ok to carry on your normal daily activities straight after.

Some people if they have large skin tags might want to take 1-2 days off work and require some ibuprofen or paracetamol. We tend to advise not to do any heavy exercise for 7-10 days after to allow any swelling to settle.

Patients are often worried about the pain aspect. However this need not be the case as most patients don’t even take pain medications afterwards and just wished they had done it sooner.

See our patient’s diary of her experience.

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Time to allow in clinic

45 minutes

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Patients only wish they’d done sooner

Anal Skin Tag Removal Costs

Skin TagsCost
Anal skin tagsfrom £750
Multiple/complex anal skin tags from £1,250
Genital skin tags from £500

Anal Skin Tag Removal Consultation

The cost of consultation with our doctors is £75. This is redeemable against the cost of treatment carried out on the same day.

Prices are a guide to the costs and the exact price can only be determined once the doctor has examined you in person. Most anal skin tags don’t need histology testing. However, in certain circumstances if the doctor thinks it is necessary, then they will discuss this with you and the related costs.

Please call 0207 386 0464 OR email for advice and help.

Patient’s treatment diary

This patient kindly shared their experience of anal skin tag removal, to help others know what to expect.

Diary of my Bottom!

  • Day 1: Felt incredibly nervous about the procedure beforehand. However it was no way near as bad as I had imagined. The local anaesthetic injection was a little uncomfortable but didn’t really hurt. I could not feel anything during the procedure and it was over within a few minutes.
    I felt a bit numb in the bottom department for a few hours but there was no pain. I had a gauze padding the area and when I checked this a few hours later there had been some bleeding and weeping. I changed this padding every few hours and found further bleeding and weeping.
  • Day 2: Woke up and found there had been a small amount of bleeding overnight but no more than one gauze could absorb.
    I went to the toilet for the first time. Worried that this was going to hurt but i was able to go without any pain just felt a bit sore and tender. The wound opened up without any problems although there was a little bit of fresh bleeding. Throughout the day there was a little more fresh bleeding and weeping. Again no pain just felt a little uncomfortable.
  • Day 3: No bleeding overnight just weeping and this continued throughout the day. When I went to the toilet there was a little bit of blood but only when going and nothing afterwards. Again no pain but an uncomfortable feeling. Wouldn’t feel up to riding a bike just yet!
  • Day 4: Hardly any weeping overnight so did not require any padding throughout the day. There was a tiny bit of bleeding when I went to the toilet but no pain. However area still feeling tender to touch.
  • Day 5: No weeping overnight at all so started to apply Vaseline to the area. There was no blood when using the toilet but still felt tender when going. When just walking around could still feel that I had had the procedure.
  • Day 6: Back to work today but felt fine and even went to the gym after work. Avoided the exercise bike but running was fine. No pain but was still aware that it was a little tender. No bleeding or weeping.
  • Day 7: Felt much better going to the toilet today and only felt tender when wiping.
  • Day 8: Again no tenderness when going to the toilet only when wiping. Area continues to heal well.
  • Days 9-14: Very similar to day 8.
  • Day 15: Area felt almost completely healed and there was no longer tenderness when wiping.
  • Day 16: I would say that I was no longer aware that I had had the procedure and felt completely normal when using the toilet.

Results of Treatment:

“I am completely satisfied with how the procedure went. The fact that there was hardly any pain was an unexpected bonus. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about having it done as I now feel so much more hygienic and have bottom confidence again!”

Video - Anal Skin Tag Removal

In this short video, Dr Ross Perry discusses anal skin tags, explaining how this condition can cause difficulties from a cosmetic point of view, affecting intimate relationships and also raising hygiene concerns regarding cleanliness and comfort.

It is a very common problem, but there’s no need to suffer in silence. Treatment is quick and effective. Pain-free anal skin tag removal is a procedure which he offers at Cosmedics Skin Clinics in London. A client shares her experience of having 2 large skin tags removed in under 20 minutes with no pain.

“I was longing for this procedure for a long time because I had this anal skin tag that was really really uncomfortable and making my life a bit difficult. I was very worried and a little bit scared to go through this. but it was so smooth, no pain, so fast, so comfortable that I really recommend it.”

Anal skin tag removal
Anal skin tag removal
Same-day treatments for moles, warts, skin tags and cysts
Same-day treatments for moles, warts, skin tags and cysts

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Anal Skin Tag Removal FAQ: Questions & Answers

What is an anal skin tag?

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Anal skin tags are a more common problem than people realise and so if they develop one there is no need to be overly concerned or embarrassed. Having said this, naturally, people tend to worry. It can affect confidence with intimacy/partners but also leave patients with the feeling of not being totally clean.

Anal skin tags are very common and often a result of having suffered from piles or haemorrhoids in the past or from childbirth.

What are the benefits of anal skin tag removal?

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If you suffering with troublesome anal skin tags then the benefits of surgical removal of the skin tags far outweighs any risks of the procedure itself.

Not only is the procedure done in less than 20 minutes it is almost entirely pain-free and you can then return to normal activities within a few days. It is also a definitive solution to the anal skin so you should not be troubled by these again in the future.

Who might have anal skin tag removal?

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Patients who typically look to have anal skin tag removal are all ages and men as well as women.

They have often seen their doctor or an NHS specialist (colorectal surgeon) and advised that is it all ok and deemed ‘cosmetic’  so they don’t then need to remove the anal skin tags on the NHS. For a lot of people who want them removed, they then try often counter remedies or search google for a DIY treatment which almost always ends up making things worse and we would strongly advise against any of these methods.

Patients who are keen to remove the anal skin tags should seek specialist advice.

Am I a good candidate for anal skin tag removal?

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Patients who enquire about having anal skin tag removal have often had the condition for a long time and already been to see their GP for these anal skin tags. often despite their embarrassing nature these are not often taken seriously on and deemed as cosmetic and hence not available for treatment on the NHS.

Good candidates for anal skin tag removal of patients who have realistic expectations of what the aim of the treatment is to achieve. This is primarily to remove any excess or protruding skin so that sexual confidence is greater and also feeling more hygienic in the area when cleaning.

What should I expect at my appointment?

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At Cosmedics our doctors and surgeons are very experienced in anal skin tag removal and we understand that this is an extremely sensitive issue. Once you have been examined in most cases we can offer ‘See & Treat‘ same day anal skin tag removal.

At Cosmedics we have pioneered private anal skin tag removal in London with a combination of surgery and laser under local anaesthetic so it can be done as a walk-in walk-out procedure in about 30 minutes. We aim to remove safely as much of the skin tag or excess skin that is present in the anal area. Patients are then free to go home and carry on life as normal.

Patients are often so surprised how quick and simple the whole process especially when other clinics tend to do this under general anaesthetic in hospitals at 3-4 times the cost.

How painful will it be?

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Patients are often worried about stories of pain and long recovery after anal skin tag removal. We often find that the google stories of anal skin removal are done when accompanying haemorrhoid surgery which is just not necessary in most cases where it is purely just excess skin or a tag that is bothersome.

Due to the delicate precision in the way the skin tags are removed, most patients just take simple paracetamol or ibuprofen for a few days and recover within 1-2 weeks.

What are the requirements for aftercare after anal skin tag removal?

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Please click below for detailed information on aftercare after anal skin tag removal.


Our aftercare guidance and medication ensure your recovery is as comfortable as possible. After the first week, the initial wound should be healing well, but if you have any concerns or queries, please contact the Cosmedics team for further advice.


Will there be dressings to worry about?

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Some wounds might have a small temporary dressing while others may be left open from the start. Any requirements in terms of dressings and aftercare will be fully discussed and explained in your consultation, before you decide to go ahead.

Can I treat anal skin tags at home?

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We understand why people might ideally prefer to find a way to deal with skin tags in private areas in their homes. Be warned, however, that diagnosing oneself is not always the best idea. For those who are not familiar with skin tags, it may be possible to confuse them with the symptoms of another disease such as genital warts. As this is a sensitive area and not easy to see what you are doing the best option is to book a consultation with a doctor. In addition, home remedies can be expensive and ineffective. Some may even be harmful. We recommend professional diagnosis and treatment in the patient’s best interests.

I feel too embarrassed to book

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We realise this is a sensitive and embarrassing topic and all our staff from the first person you speak to or email have seen and heard it all before so don’t be worried about contacting us for some advice as we are more than happy to help.

If you would like to get some more personal information and advice, please get in touch with our friendly doctors today and we will help you through your journey.

What if I don’t live in London?

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We find that patients will travel from all parts of the UK for anal skin tag removal surgery. Our ‘See & Treat’ services means that we can often get it all sorted in one appointment. Let us know if you’re travelling for this procedure and we’ll provide further advice.

What is the recovery time?

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The recovery process takes anyway from 7 to 14 days for the most part. During this time you will notice some minor discomfort for the first few days swelling and the small amount of bleeding but as the skin heals like a graze and seals together this becomes much less noticeable.

After 3-4 weeks you will have seen a noticeable improvement in the anal area appearance as well as not noticing any excess skin when wiping and have much increased confidence.


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Please click below for detailed information on aftercare after anal skin tag removal.


Our aftercare guidance and medication ensure your recovery is as comfortable as possible. After the first week, the initial wound should be healing well, but if you have any concerns or queries, please contact the Cosmedics team for further advice.

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