What are Skin Tags on the Face?

Skin tags on the face are growths of skin that commonly appear on the upper and lower eyelids and the neck area, where the skin is prone to rubbing.

Some patients are more susceptible to developing skin tags as a result of family history of skin tags. Otherwise, they can develop where the skin overgrows due to the friction of skin rubbing on skin.

Facial skin tags are rarely a medical problem unless they get irritated or inflamed due to the catching on clothing or jewellery. Occasionally they can grow quite large where they affect the vision and skin tags on eyelidbecome very unsightly.

However, they can be quite unsightly, especially when they appear on the face. To get them removed is a great relief to most people.

How do I get rid of skin tags on the face?

Removal of skin tags on the face is quick and easy.

Same day appointments are available and patients are surprised how quick and painless treatment actually is.

Facial skin tag removal


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Skin tags on the face can cause embarrassment as well as discomfort. The eye area is especially sensitive, yet tags can still be removed.

Skin tags can be awkward, especially in the eye area. Yet removal is relatively straightforward.

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