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from January 2018

41 Harley Street


0207 386 0464
Mon-Fri: 9am – 5.30pm
Sat: 9am – 2pm

Alternatively you can call our Putney Head Office and Clinic direct on 0208 246 4861 for any queries or to arrange an appointment with a doctor. This number is open until 8pm most evenings, until 5pm on Saturday and 10-4pm Sunday.

NEW for 2018

Relocation to new, larger premises has enabled us to expand our services with our second London Vein Treatment Centre:

Treatment Information

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cosmedics harley reception harley street skin treatments room

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cosmedics harley street reception harley street


Cosmedics Skin Clinic in Harley Street is well placed in central London to provide minor surgical and non-surgical procedures that are of the highest standards. Our most popular Harley Street treatments are for BOTOX wrinkle relaxing injections and Juvederm or Restylane dermal fillers for lines and wrinkle, mole and skin tag removal procedures; as well as treatments for underarm excessive sweating. We are able to provide all our skin treatments as below:

Cosmetic Treatments Include:

Skin Lesion Treatments Include:

Vein Treatments Include:

The clinic is situated at 41 Harley Street, a beautiful elegant Georgian period building in the heart of the UK’s premier medical district.

Underground tube closest stations:

  • Oxford Circus (Piccadilly, Victoria and Central Lines)
  • Bond Street (Jubilee and Central Lines)
  • Baker Street (Bakerloo and circle lines)

The clinic is about half way along Harley Street.

Car parking

Available on a meter outside or in the NCP car park in Cavendish Square.


UK Health Centre registered

Harley Street Skin Doctors

dr-ross-perryDr Ross Perry

Dr Ross Perry is the medical director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics and runs the prestigious Harley Street clinic.

Ross is known for his excellent results. He always seeks the best possible results whether that is in popular anti-ageing treatments such as botox or fillers, or else in surgical procedures such as mole removal. He has a very loyal patient-base at Harley Street, with many patients having visited him for years to keep their skin looking as smooth and clear as possible, yet still looking natural and allowing them to retain expression.

Dr Britt Vardy

Dr Britt VardyDr Britt Vardy qualified in 1991 and is a highly experienced doctor. Her career includes general practice as well as a specialist interest in cosmetic medicine.

Britt’s main specialist areas are facial rejuvenation, especially BOTOX® and dermal fillers. She also offers excellent results for excessive sweating treatments. Dr Vardy is also highly skilled at aesthetic mole removal using laser or surgery for minimal scarring. She also offers wart and skin tag removal.

Mr Daniel Thio – Aesthetic Doctor


Mr Daniel Thio qualified 15 years ago in 1999 and is a highly experienced surgeon with training in plastic and general surgery as well as ENT.

Dan Thio offers a comprehensive range of skin treatments at our Harley Street clinic, including removal of moles, cysts and skin tags as well as anti-ageing treatments.

Mr Parameswaran Sridhar

Mr Sridhar joined the Cosmedics team in 2014 when the company established its original London Vein Treatment Centre in Putney, SW15.


He is skilled in offering a full range of varicose vein treatments, the most popular of which is EVLA laser varicose vein removal. He has developed his own unique variant of this treatment, known as Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy, which combines Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) with Foam Sclerotherapy for excellent results on varicose veins.

Also offers foam sclerotherapy alone and microsurgery for physical removal of varicose veins.


Cosmedics Skin Clinics, Harley Street, London

41 harley street exterior


41 harley street reception


What our patients say

4.95 Average

330 Reviews

Rebecca D

Dr Vardy is fantastic, she talked me through each step of the procedure and I am incredibly happy with the results. I was a little nervous about it but she gave me great advice and is incredibly professional.

Posted 3 days ago

Grace M

Had a hydradermie facial done with Lydia and was very pleased with the service and professionalism I received from her. I would definitely recommend her as a racialist

Posted 4 days ago


Lovely doctor , explained all my options and we agreed on the best one for me. I had two moles removed on the same day as my appointment and I was done in twenty minutes. I would defiantly recommend Dr Vardy as the procedure was quick and painless

Posted 1 month ago


I had a small mole on the face that I was thinking of removing for a good few years. I had an appointment with Dr Todman and she and her assistant were very nice and professional, they explained everything I needed to know about the mole shaving treatment. I decided to do the treatment on the same day and it was the right decision. I am very happy with the result, the mole is removed and I dont have any scars. I highly recommend Dr Todman.

Posted 1 month ago


I have had a number of moles removed including one on my face that I was incredibly nervous about but I had no reason to be. Dr Perry did an excellent job of each one. I wouldn’t trust anyone else but him. Thank you Dr Perry!

Posted 1 month ago


I had my treatment for a mole to be removed on Tuesday 8th jan at the Bristol surgery and it was great. The mole centred on my forehead just between my eyes had been knocking my confidence for years but with in 20 mins it was gone,no pain and very little bleeding,4 days on it looks amazing,can’t wait to see it in another 4 weeks,thank you so much everyone x

Posted 1 month ago

Ann C

Excellent treatment and care

Posted 1 month ago

Monika k

Pain free treatment, very quick and the doctor was extremely nice and approachable.

Posted 2 months ago

Sally D

Very good experience. Extremely quick and easy. Dr. Vardy was very professional and made me feel completely reassured. Thank you!

Posted 3 months ago

Rachel B

Dr Vardy was warm and professional. She put me at ease immediately and the treatment was quick and effective. I’m very pleased with the result.

Posted 3 months ago



45 thoughts on “Harley Street, London

  1. I have mole / skin-tag all over my upper body how much will a full treatment cost to get them off I am so embarrass about them I am afraid to go out of my house .

    1. We’d need to arrange a consultation with a Doctor to assess your skin tags and at this point they would be able to advise on the best treatment and cost. To arrange an appointment, please call 020 7386 0464 or email

    1. It is difficult to assess without the doctor seeing you which would be £50 for the consultation and any treatment options could be discussed then

  2. Hi
    I have 4 skin tags on my neck 1 on my eye lid and 3 in my arm pit
    What is the best way to remove and what would be the cost?

    1. Shave excision and laser are best to be sure of complete removal. Freezing is not as reliable and can leave more of a mark afterwards and is certainly not feasible for the eyelid 8 in total would be either £350 or £450 depending on the size and difficulty, but no more. The best method would be assessed and advised in your consultation. See skin tag removal for further information.

    1. Prices will depend on which treatment is most suitable. We may be able to improve the appearance of shallow acne scars using fillers (from £250) or dermaroller (from £350) or even a combination of treatments. You would have to have a consultation first to assess the best method, at which point prices would be confirmed.

  3. Hi, i’d like botox on my forehead and upper lip to stop facial sweating? Would this be possible and how much would it cost?

    1. This can be a very effective treatment especially for the forehead area. The upper lip is a little more tricky as we can’t use too much botox there, so effects on the lip are limited. Treatment would normally involve 2 areas of Botox, which costs £310 for women, £330 for men. A consultation would include a proper doctor assessment, quotation and advice on the best course of action. Please contact us if you’d like to book an appointment.

    1. Cyst removal costs from from £450, from £650 for larger/complex cysts. In addition, there is a £80 charge for histology (testing the lesion after removal). The cost and procedure will be confirmed in consultations with one of our doctors. The consultation fee is £50 and there is no obligation to proceed, but that £50 fee is redeemable against treatment if you do choose to go ahead on the day.

  4. i suffer with excessive sweating of the head and face my hair is almost constantly wet. I have heard that Botox can help, is this so. I have had all my bloods tested and there does not seem to be any problems there, can you advise me please

    Wilma Reid

    1. Botox can help with upper facial sweating and scalp sweating. Results will vary from person to person but does usually help moderate it.

    1. It depends on how many areas are treated. Botox costs from £240 (for women, £250 for men) and fillers from £250. Consultations are with the doctor who would carry out your treatment and costs for your treatment are confirmed at this point, once the doctor has assessed what you are trying to achieve.

    1. It depends on how much of the face is to be treated and which areas. Botox costs from £240 (for women, £250 for men) for 1 area, £310/£330 for 2 areas and £360/£380 for 3 areas.

  5. I have between 30 and 50 skin tags on my neck and upper chest area. It looks like they are starting to appear on the side of my face too. How much roughly would this cost and would the treatment need to be done in sessions? Thank You

    1. We would aim to do them all in one session if appropriate, but dependent on the skin tags may arrange 1 additional session if needed.
      It is difficult to quote a cost without seeing the skin tags properly, but as a guide Dr Perry estimates that this would cost £650-£850.

    1. We’ve passed this enquiry onto our bookings team and you should hear from them very soon via email. Thanks for your enquiry.

  6. Hi I have three moles I would like removing. One of the moles is a halo mole and the two others have jagged edges and are darker and lighter. What email address can i send photos of the moles.

    1. Hello Michelle, it depends on the number and nature of warts. Prices start at £160 per session for 1-3 warts removed by freezing (cryotherapy). 4-6 warts from £250 per session. Follow up appointments (3-4 sessions may be required) from £80. Large/stubborn warts may be better treated using laser and/or surgery which costs from £295. All prices are a guide with a full quote subject to doctor examining the skin lesions in a consultation. Further information on wart removal.

  7. Hi guys,

    I used to have a cyst on my forehead that I was able to burst after applying some hot compress on it. My concern is the cyst has reappeared. Would the doctor be able to remove the cyst entirely and what are the chances of reappearance after surgery? How much would the procedure cost and how long does it take?

    1. Dr Ross Perry has replied as follows:

      It is difficult to say without seeing it first. Even with surgical removal cysts can recur, but it is far less likely and less than 5-10% chance. A facial cyst is more tricky especially if it has burst before, as that increases the risk of scarring under the skin, making removal more difficult. An estimated cost would be in the region of £650-750 and it would take under an hour.

      An accurate quote would be given after examination of your cyst in a consultation with one of our cyst removal doctors. More information on cyst removal at

  8. Hi, I have around 4 small warts inside my eyebrows and 1 in genital area, am visiting London this coming December, and would like to book appointment and the price for the treatment,

    I would like to have laser treatment..

    Your immediate response is highly appreacited

  9. Are you experienced in doing Botox injections in the scalp, on the neck and hairline to stop sweating in these areas?

    1. Our doctors tend not to do tear troughs as the results can be unpredictable even in the best hands and there’s a risk of unexpected reactions. If you’d like to forward a photo via email to, we can ask a doctor to advise on what the most suitable treatment would be.

    1. Hi, for 3 moles, the usual cost is £595 for surgery, plus £125 testing (histology) so a total £720. This is based on laser or shave excision procedure. Larger moles would normally require Ellipse Excision, which would be £1,025 including the histology. Prices are always subject to confirmation at consultation, after a doctor has had the opportunity to properly assess your moles in person, but we can often give a fairly good idea from a photo. If you wish, you can send a photo of your moles to for a more accurate guide. If you’d like to book an appointment, you can use the same email address or call 0207 386 0464.

    1. Hi, mole removal starts at £310 with £160 for each subsequent mole, assuming that the moles are suitable for laser or shave excision surgery. Ellipse excision (requiring stitches) starts at £450. This is usually for larger or suspicious moles.

      Prices are confirmed at consultation, when the doctor has assessed your moles in order to advise on the best method of removal. If you wish, you can email a photo to, in order to get some advice in advance of your consultation. This will not replace your consultation, but can be useful to give you an idea what to expect beforehand.

      We also offer histology (mole testing) at additional cost. This is £85 for the first mole and an additional £20 for each subsequent mole.

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