Lip Lift Treatment

A lip lift is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the upper lip by shortening the distance between the nose and the upper lip for a more defined contour and youthful look.

Lip lift

A lip lift can create the appearance of fuller, more youthful lips with long-lasting results. During the procedure, the surgeon creates a small incision either in the lip area or under the nose so that excess skin can be reduced. This serves to lift and enhance the appearance of the lips and accentuate the cupid’s bow. The teeth can usually be seen better when you smile. It’s an alternative to lip fillers, which offer temporary volume enhancement.

  • Surgery for reshaping and lifting the top lip
  • Accentuate the cupid’s bow
  • Create a more attractive smile, showing the teeth nicely

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offers lip lift as a day case procedure at our London clinics with our fully registered and experienced surgeons.

What can we achieve with a lip lift procedure?

  • Shorten a long philtrum:
    The philtrum is the vertical space between your nose and your upper lip. As we age, this area can lengthen, making lips appear thinner.
  • Reduce upper gum exposure:
    When you smile, a small amount of gum tissue might show. A lip lift can address this by making the red part of your upper lip more prominent.
  • Enhance lip definition:
    The procedure can create a sharper Cupid’s bow (the indentation in the centre of your upper lip) and define the lip borders.
  • Correct downturned corners:
    Some people have naturally downturned lips, which a lip lift can address.
  • Permanent results:
    Unlike fillers that require repeated injections, a lip lift offers a long-lasting solution.

This procedure works very well in conjunction with brow lift, Eye Lift surgery or the 8 point face lift for a more holistic and thorough result.

Lip lift techniques and results

There are various lip lift techniques, each with slightly different incision placements and outcomes. Your surgeon will recommend the most suitable one for your desired results.

Rest assured, all our surgeons work hard to achieve fabulous results without going too far, so the outcome always looks natural.

Advantages of 'Day Case' lip lift surgery

Cosmedics Skin Clinics is now offering lip lift procedures on a ‘day case’ basis, making it very convenient for busy clients and at competitive costs too, saving the hassle and expense of a hospital stay.

  • Local anaesthetic – better tolerated and lower risks than general
  • No overnight stay – less time out of your busy schedule
  • Fast recovery – bruising lasts up to 10 days
  • A simple walk in walk out procedure
  • Takes around 60 minutes (up to 2 hours)
  • Longer lasting than injections or laser – excess skin gone for good

Non-surgical treatment options

Our non-invasive cosmetic treatments can be used alongside lip lift surgery for a more comprehensive  result. All our doctors are highly skilled in the latest injectable treatments. Options to consider:

Our Putney and Harley Street centres also offer advanced treatments using laser skin tightening technology, including ClearLift laser skin tightening and rejuvenation.

You can expect great results from your surgery, but these can be used alongside to enhance the overall result. Your surgeon will be happy to advise.

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Treatment Time

1-2 hours

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Recovery Time

Avoid strenuous activities for 2 weeks

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2-3 months

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Results Duration


Lip Lift Costs

Lip Lift£2,250

Lip Lift Consultation

A pre-treatment consultation with our plastic surgeon is required to assess your face and the best options for you. The exact price can only be determined once the surgeon has examined your face.

Please call 0207 386 0464 OR email for help. You can also send a photo, using the form below or via email.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Our medical advisors would be happy to make an appointment for you:

The consultation fee is payable on booking. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

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About Cosmedics Skin Clinics

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Lip Lift FAQ: Questions & Answers

When is a surgical lip lift better than non-surgical?

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A surgical lip lift and non-surgical fillers are both options for lip enhancement, but they cater to different goals and preferences. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide which might be better for you:

Surgical Lip Lift

  • Pros:
    • Permanent Results: Enjoy fuller, shapelier lips without needing repeated injections.
    • More Dramatic Change: Can address a longer philtrum, significant gum show, or downturned corners more effectively than fillers.
    • Sharper Definition: Creates a more defined Cupid’s bow and lip borders.
    • Avoids risk of achieving an unnatural-looking “duck lip” effect if too much filler is used.
  • Cons:
    • Surgical Procedure: Involves downtime for healing and carries surgical risks.
    • Cost: Generally more expensive than fillers.
    • Limited Movement (Temporary): May experience temporary tightness that limits movement right after surgery.

Are there any potential risks or complications with lip lift?

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No procedure is without risks and complications. The main concerns after a lip lift would be:

  • Infection:
    Signs of infection include increased redness, swelling, and discharge. Contact your surgeon if you notice any of these symptoms.
  • Asymmetry:
    Minor asymmetry may occur, which can often be corrected with a minor revision.
  • Scarring:
    Although every effort is made to minimise scarring, some patients may experience noticeable scars.

In order to reduce the risks, it is important to choose a trusted provider and always follow all aftercare directions.

What should I expect after a lip lift?

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Immediate Post-Operative Care

  • Monitoring:
    You will be monitored for a short period in the recovery room.
  • Swelling and Bruising:
    Expect some swelling and bruising around the surgical site.
  • Pain Management:
    You will be provided with pain medication to manage any discomfort.

At-home aftercare following a lip lift

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  • Activity:
    Rest with your head elevated for the first few days to reduce swelling.
  • Exercise:
    Avoid strenuous activities and exercises that could strain the lip for at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Cold Compress:
    Apply cold compresses to the area for 10-15 minutes every few hours to help reduce swelling.
  • Hygiene:
    Keep the incision site clean and dry. Follow your surgeon’s instructions on how to clean the area.
  • Sutures:
    Sutures are typically removed within 5-7 days post-surgery.
  • Diet:
    Stick to soft foods for the first few days to avoid excessive movement of the upper lip.
  • Medications:
    Take prescribed antibiotics and pain medications as directed. Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners unless advised by your doctor.
  • Avoid Smoking:
    Continue to avoid smoking to promote better healing.
  • Follow-Up:
    Attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor your healing progress.

Does a lip lift hurt?

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The procedure itself is pain-free thanks to use of anaesthetic. After this wears off, we advise patients to expect mild discomfort for around 3-5 days. This is normally manageable with standard painkillers

Will I still be able to move my lips?

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Ultimately yes, you will still be able to move your lips normally after a surgical lip lift.

  • Initial impact:
    You might experience some swelling and tightness around the lips immediately after surgery, which can limit your ability to smile or frown extensively. This is normal and typically subsides within a few days to a week.
  • Long-Term Movement:
    The procedure focuses on tightening the skin above the lip, not the muscles responsible for movement. So, once the healing process is complete (usually a few weeks), you should regain full range of motion in your lips for activities like smiling, talking, and eating.pen_spark


Is there any scarring after a lip lift?

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It is a surgical procedure, so there will be some incisions and these will initially leave a mark. However, we use minimal scarring techniques and scars will gradually fade over time. You may be advised to use scar reduction creams or silicone sheets.

Do I need to be careful in the sun?

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We always advocate high SPF year round to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. After a lip lift, we recommend protecting your lips from sun exposure using sunscreen or lip balm with SPF.

When will I see the final results?

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You’ll see initial results quite quickly, as this is a surgical procedure. However, final results take a few months to develop, as the swelling completely subsides and the tissues settle.

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