Lip Enhancement Fillers

Lip enhancement with lip filler injections

Create a slightly fuller look to their lips

Enhance the shape and definition

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Lip filler treatment, also referred to as lip enhancement, has become one of the top applications for modern dermal fillers. 

Full lips are a sensual and attractive feature; so this treatment is popular with a wide age range.

Results include:

  • creating fuller upper lips for a more sensuous smile
  • removing fine lines around the mouth
  • erasing so-called “smokers’ lines”
  • enhancing the shape and definition of the lips
  • evening out unbalanced lips

We find that most of our patients want a natural-looking lip enlargement – the so-called “trout pout” is definitely not in. Therefore it is important that an especially skillful approach is adopted with fine attention to the shape of the lips, not just the size. We therefore only use soft natural gels such as Restylane® and Juvederm®.These contain an anaesthetic so the procedure is now virtually painless when the filler is injected into the lip, .

Costs for lip fillers start from only £350.

ALL lip enhancements are done by GMC-accredited Doctors in our London and Bristol medical clinics.

Treatment Information

Lip Enhancement Filler Costs:

For our lip treatments we use Restylane® or Juvederm which dissolve over 9-18 months. The lip enhancement treatment costs and options are:  

Treatment Price (from)
Filler Brands
Restylane filler range from £300
Juvederm Filler Range from £350
Juvederm Advanced Range (Voluma, Volift, Volbella) from £400
Facial Areas
Lip enhancement £350-£400
Nose to mouth lines £450-£550
8 point filler facelift (including lift to cheeks, jowls, mouth) £650-£950

Lip filler pricing is based on the type and the amount of product used. At the consultation our doctors will give you the best advice to achieve a natural result that combines the best fillers to meet your expectations as well as the costs. This pricing information represents a guide as the exact cost can only be given by the doctor at the consultation.

All our treatments include the cost of full aftercare.

Lip Filler Doctor Consultation

A lip enhancement consultation with one of our skilled doctors costs £50.

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

This treatment is available at all our clinics in London and Bristol.

At Cosmedics ALL our consultations and treatments are by experienced UK doctors. Lip enhancements are the most skilled application of fillers and you should always see a trained professional with lots of experience as otherwise you may regret a cheaper choice for a long time.

Lip enhancement by using lip fillers is the most common form of treatment to remove lines around the mouth, so-called smokers’ lines, as well as create fuller upper lips for a more sensuous smile. At Cosmedics we want to give you the best natural-looking results as safely as possible.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes and is virtually painless as we use numbing cream to help reduce any discomfort and the latest fillers also have anaesthetic that means it after a tiny scratch there is no pain. Patients are advised there maybe some initial swelling and possible bruising which can be covered with make-up and are fine to go to work the next day in most cases.

We use only natural dermal fillers like Restylane, perlane and Juvederm to gently fill out the lines around the mouth, cheeks and face as well as fuller lips. These products are FDA approved unlike some other filler products and at Cosmedics we only use these scienfically backed fillers that have had over 10 million treatments worldwide.

Todays products slowly dissolve over 9-15 months according to your skin type and the density of filler used which is ideal as we can then top up the lines and wrinkles according to how the face has changed.

We advise against any permanent products as we feel the results achieved with natural non-permanent products are better, and also are able to adapt as your face changes.

Patient Review:

“Fuller natural looking lips was what I asked for. I am so pleased that I did not go anywhere else.” Sara

Who is this treatment for?

Lip augmentation with fillers is best suited for those people who have developed lines around the mouth (perhaps due to smoking or sun damage) or those that want fuller bigger lips.

What do I need to do before the treatment?

No pre-treatment care is needed.

What about aftercare following the treatment?

You will have swollen lips afterwards. This will mainly settle over the next 12 hours. Depending on the type of lip enhancement you have chosen, returning to work the following day should be OK.

After care involves using a cold compress for the first day or so to help with any bruising or swelling that may occur.

Side effects with fillers are not that common however they can occur with brusing lasting 1-2 weeks or an allergic reaction which means the area can be red for up to a week. Occasionally a small lump can remain which if it does not settle with massaging can be dissolved with hyalase injections.

How long does the lip enhancement last?

Treatment results are instant and last for 4 to 6 months. Repeat treatments can be done and have no long-term effect on the lips.

Will the lip return to normal once the product has dissolved?

Yes, after about 4-6 months.

What is the cost of lip filler?

Prices start from £250

Can fillers and BOTOX® be used together?

Yes and they often are to create a full face rejuvenation.

Should one avoid cheap fillers?

If it does by a medical doctor or nurse with experience then it should be ok, but you always tend to get what you pay for and at Cosmedics we offer the best prices for treatments with fully qualified Doctors only. The procedure is very safe and we aim to achieve natural-looking results.

Patient Reviews:

“I wanted to send a note to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Dr Ross and the team. I’ve been a client for several years now and always been superhappy with the results (botox, fillers) so decided to have my lips done – and the result is amazing!

It’s subtle and natural looking but makes a huge difference; my lips look better than they did when I was younger.

Dr Ross – and everyone else I’ve met in the various clinics – is friendly and professional so any nerves are instantly soothed. Procedures are explained in layman’s terms, and you’re forewarned if anything is likely to be uncomfortable (to be fair, it very rarely is).

I work for a charity so am not overburdened with ready cash! but a visit to Cosmedics is well worth saving up for.”

Ellie, West London

“I’ve always had thin lips, but I didn’t want the trout pout, just a nice smile for my sister’s wedding.  I’m so pleased I did it and will definitely come back in a few months to have it done again.”

Ruth S.


Before & After

Subtle yet effective lip fillers. The overall shape of the top lip is more defined and the bottom lip is fuller without looking at all pouty. A very flattering result.

Lip enhancement fillers are used here to create a fuller lip profile which is still soft and natural in appearance

Lip and chin filler to replace the collagen loss due the ageing for a rejuvenating result

Lip enhancement injections create a more defined and slightly fuller pout,

Lip filler treatment is used in order to soften the smile for a more youthful look.

This patient had naturally quite thin lips. Use of lip enhancement fillers gave a good result in adding volume for a fuller lip shape.

Lip fillers can create a more sensuous and full lip profile. Natural-looking volume.

Before and after lip fillers for a subtle and natural result that works best with juvederm / restylane.

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0 thoughts on “Lip Enhancement Fillers

  1. Hi there, Im very interested in the lip fillers I am 47 and have thin lips anyway,but just lately they make me look older also I have fine lines around my mouth which means my lipstick “bleeds” into those lines! you say lip fillers start from £300 why is that? or does it depend on how much you put in?

    1. Hi Debbie, all prices are subject to consultation with an aesthetic doctor, so the best course of action is to book an appointment. There is no obligation, but you can get an expert opinion on treatment and the likely results, as well as costs. Call 020 7386 0464 or email
      UPDATE – fillers now start at £350.

  2. Hello. I had lip injection a week ago and I still got a bump ( it look a bit saggy and is itchy) under my upper lip which is clearly visible. I would like to ask how could I get rid of it and how much it will cost.

    Many thanks in advance

    1. In case of problems after treatment, the best approach is to contact the person that injected the fillers, who should review and advise or provide the necessary further treatment.

    1. The risk of allergic reaction is about 1 in 20,000. Its virtually unheard of with the newer products. A minor amount of swelling and bruising is normal – that last for a few days then settles and the result then lasts for 6-9 months.

    1. Lip enhancement products would typically last 4-6 months for the first treatment, but longer on subsequent sessions. However, it also depends on the product used as some are designed to last longer than others.

  3. hi I had lip fillers a week ago and although it looks great on my lower lip the top lip looks no different
    I paid £500 for the treatment including fillers around the mouth
    what can I do

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Our doctors tend to be conservative rather than overfill the lips in order to create a natural look which isn’t too obvious. A review appointment is included in the price of your treatment. This is an opportunity to see the results and the upper lip can be topped up if required. There is no additional fee unless a lot more filler is used. You can contact our team on 020 7386 0464 or to arrange a review appointment with Dr Ross Perry. We will also pass on this message and ask them to call you.

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Dr. Vardy was extremely accommodating to my requirements of which I remain entirely grateful for her upmost assistance in undertaking two facial moles which effected my confidence for much too long. Thank You & To Your Wonderful Staff

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I have had botox and fillers done with both Dr Todman and Dr Vardy. Previously been to other clinics, but have to say Cosmedics is London's best! Nobody knows I have even had it done, my friends asked if I had been on holiday? Thank you Cosmedics I would highly recommend.

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It was great - nice & quick!

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Excellent treatment by Dr. Todman, very competent and friendly - recommend!

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Saw Dan, very reassuring as I was very nervous. Would highly recommend and would not hesitate to return for further treatment

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Dr Rhys Stevens removed a mole on my lip and I would just like to thank him so so much, I have dealt with my mole for years and never had the confidence to sort it out. I use to be bullied over it and my confidence was extremely low because of it. I couldn't even talk about it to anyone. So to go to a clinic and get it removed was a massive step for me. Dr Rhys Stevens made me feel very relaxed as well as the nurse assisting him and I cannot express how impressed I am with it. Even straight after I was impressed with how it looked, I expected it to look a lot different. It's now been nearly 2 weeks and I'm able to put make up on over it. I hope he is able to read this and anyone thinking about having anything similar done I highly highly recommend them. Thank you again this will change my life massively. Jenny

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Well explained and friendly.

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The Dr was very knowledgeable and explained all scenarios as I had a rather large mole on my face. Very quick and painless. Now just to wait and see the results!

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Wow!! It was so quick and easy , Jennifer was so nice and removed the mole in about 10 minutes thank you so much :))

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