What are Facial Thread Veins?

Facial thread veins are dilated blood vessels that are visible at the skin’s surface. They often start quite small and gradually grow with time from a simple reddish spot to a bigger problem with numerous noticeable veins with darker red/purple colour.

Thread veins on the face are commonest over the cheek area and around the sides of the nose, where the skin is thinner and tends to be more exposed to the elements.

The cause of facial redness is predominantly due to your natural skin reaction to the environment with blood vessels becoming more superficial and forming spider veins. These are harmless in themselves but can often be linked to smoking, alcohol, sun damage and weathered skin in some but not all cases as for a large number of people there is no real definitive causation.

The first and simplest treatment to try for women involves use of concealer. This works very well for mild cases, but where the lesions are more obvious and hard to cover with makeup, laser treatments are probably the treatment of choice.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics now offer the latest advanced laser. Our doctors can advise on the best thread vein removal treatments to reduce these annoying blemishes.

Facial thread vein treatment

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