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Removal of a large, dark and prominent mole using surgery excision.


Removal of a large mole by the mouth using ellipse excision surgery and stitches.


A large and uncomfortable mole cyst on the lip removed using ellipse surgery.


A facial mole removed using ellipse excision surgery. The tiny stitches will be removed to leave a very small scar.


Removal of a large mole from the eyebrow using surgical excision technique and small stitches.

Moles that are flat, potentially worrying or not suitable for shave excisions or laser treatments require ellipse excision.


This procedure involves a small painless injection of local anaesthetic under the mole only to numb just that area.

With precision cutting the entire mole is removed in one go. The remaining opening is then brought together with skin stitches that in most cases just simply dissolve away. After the initial wound heals, the result is a tiny line of scar tissue instead of the mole which gradually fades from red to white.

This only takes about 20 minutes and is not painful.

Find out more including surgical mole removal costs for ellipse excisions.

Minimise Scarring

Usually dressing is placed over the wound to protect it for the first week and then moisturising and massaging the wound is recommended to help improve the scar with vitamin e, bio-oil or silicon gels is advised.

Cosmedics recommend Kelo-cote UV silicon scar gel for optimum results. The product has been clinically proven to reduce scarring and protects the healing wound from sunlight so that mole removal can be undertaken at any time of year.

The wound initially starts off red and then gradually fades to a whitish line. This can take around a year.

Very rarely scars can overheal and form keloid or hypertrophic scars which may then require further treatment.

Aftercare for Mole Removal by Ellipse Excision

Following an elliptical excision, the anaesthetic will wear off after 2-3 hours. It often feels a bit tight and sore for the first 1-3 days and simple paracetamol or ibuprofen should help. Increasing pain is a sign of possible infection in which case contact us.

A dressing will have been applied that stays and is kept as dry as possible for the first 3-4 days. If it comes off reapply the steristrips and the dressing provided. If you have stitches that need removing this is normally done at 7-14 days according to what the doctor has instructed.

It is best to steristrip or use micropore tape to support the wound for a further 3-4 weeks if possible to keep the scar as narrow as possible as the skin strength in the scar only regains about 50% of its full strength.

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Our prices

MolesSurgery with Stitches Cost Histology* Cost Total Cost
Smallfrom £450 £85£535
Mediumfrom £600 £85£685
Complexfrom £750 £85£835

The cost of mole removal is totally inclusive of local anaesthetic, dressings and any follow-up required. We recommend histology/testing of moles in all cases*.

Doctor Consultation** £50:

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same-day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

Where the moles are smaller, shave excision or laser mole removal may be recommended as an alternative. Prices for this option start at £295.

Further Information

Histology or mole testing – It is our policy that ALL moles are sent for testing for ultimate peace of mind. This involves the mole that is removed is sent to another laboratory where it is examined by a doctor to ensure all the layers of the skin are normal. Very occasionally even moles that look fine after removal can be found to have abnormalities lower down. This microscopic histopathology testing is the only 100% guarantee the mole is normal.

** Doctor consultations are purely for the moles’ patients request to have assessed for removal and do not constitute a full body mole check. This is available as a separate service for a top-to-toe review of your skin and identification of any worrying lesions.

Notes – Prices above are a guide to the costs and the exact price can only be determined once the doctor has examined the mole and advice given as to the best way of removal. Larger and more complex moles are likely to incur a higher fee.

What to Expect After Mole Removal Day by Day

Timeline/days What to expect at the woundWhat to do
1-3 Feels tight, slight swollen, mild discomfort easing off Keep dressing on
3-7 Discomfort easing off and mild itch where dressing is Steristrips
7-14Wound heals over and is red minor swelling and redness, small bruising Steristrips / micropore tape. Stitches removed if needed
14-28Fully healed and red line Steristrips /micropore tape
1-3 monthsRedness fading to pink Massage with bio-oil or silicon gels. Sunblock if in the sun
3-9 monthsPink area fading to skin color or slightly lighter and any lumpiness flattening out. Sunblock if in the sun

Scar reduction therapy

Once the wound has healed which is typically around 2 weeks then scar therapy can start.

For wounds on the body/limbs:

  • continue to support the wound with steri-strips or micropore tape for 2 months changing them every couple of days as they get worn. The reason for this that even though the wound has healed the wound is only at about 50% of its normal skin strength at this stage so in areas when the skin moves a lot the scar then stretches if it is not supported during these first few months whilst it regains more strength
  • after that you can then start the massage with bio-oil or vitamin e cream or silicon gels to help improve the redness of the scar.

For wounds on the face:

  • the optimum regime is applying silicon gel (dermatix or kelocote can be purchased either from the chemist or from Cosmedics) morning and evening
  • once dried makeup can be applied over the top if needed
  • during the day gentle massage with moisturizing cream or bio-oil helps soften the scar as well.
  • this can be done for up to 3 months.

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