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Before and after photos

Laser mole removal results - chin

Mole removal chin before and after

chin mole removal before and after

Chin mole removal before after

before after large nose mole removal

Large nose mole removal by shave and laser excision

before after large upper lip mole removal

Large upper lip mole removal by shave and laser excision

laser surgery eye mole removal

Laser mole removal by the eye

laser nose mole removal

Nose mole removal results

laser mole removal lip before and after

Laser mole removal results - upper lip

Large facial mole removal results

Face mole removal by shave excision & laser

Large mole on chin removal results

Large mole removal chin by shave excision surgery & laser

mole removal lips before after

Mole removal upper lip with laser

facial mole removal before after

Mole removal face with shave excision and laser

nose mole removal before after

Mole removal nose by shave excision and laser

mole on lip removal surgery and laser results

Mole removal chin by surgery and laser

mole removal cheek results shave excision and laser

Mole removal cheek results shave excision and laser

mole removal cheek before and after

Mole on the cheek removed by shave excision and laser

brown sun spot and mole removal laser and surgery

Brown sun spot and mole removal laser and surgery

Mole removal laser and shave excision - nose

Laser mole removal treatment in London and Bristol

Laser treatments at our practice are often combined with surgical techniques to give patients the best outcomes possible with mole removal.

Which Is the Best Laser?

All mole removal methods will leave some degree of a small blemish, but we are able to minimize this with our latest procedures that are not only quick but you don’t feel any discomfort either.

There are a variety of lasers used in mole removal and the reason or this is there are lots of different types of moles. Moles can be coloured or clear; flat or raised or a combination of both. Once our expert skin doctor has assessed your mole we can choose the best treatment for your particular mole.

  • Radiosurgery is a high frequency ‘laser-like‘ method that allows treatment of moles, warts, verruca and skin tags without discomfort. This is a precise technique that cuts the moles away from the skin leaving almost no bleeding as it cauterizes the wound with a special magic-wand like device.
  • IPL ( intense pulse light) can be used for more superficial pigmentation like freckles.
  • Nd Yag and KTP can be used in lesions that are deeper.
  • CO2 surgery simply evaporates the mole away.

Each has its own merits. Patients at Cosmedics will always get unbiased advice and who would be the most appropriate laser specialist to see. We refer to laser specialists for difficult moles if we feel this would give a better result.

Laser mole removal clinics is available in all our skin treatment clinics.

Pricing Information

Other Options

For raised moles, the best procedure is usually shave excision surgery and for suspicious moles by ellipse excision surgery. Other Options

See our before and after pictures of mole removal.

Further Information

Histology or mole testing – It is our policy that ALL mole specimens deemed appropriate are sent for testing for ultimate peace of mind. This involves the mole that is removed is sent to another laboratory where it is examined by a doctor to ensure all the layers of the skin are normal. Very occasionally even moles that look fine after removal can be found to have abnormalities lower down. This microscopic histopathology testing is the only 100% guarantee the mole is normal.

** Doctor consultations are purely for the mole’s patients request to have assessed for removal and do not constitute a full body mole check. This is available as a separate service for a top-to-toe review of your skin and identification of any worrying lesions.

Prices above are a guide to the costs and the exact price can only be determined once the doctor has examined the mole and advice given as to the best way of removal. Larger and more complex moles are likely to incur a higher fee.



Our aim to to provide a first-class service however we cannot guarantee that treatment is possible until the lesion/mole has been seen by our doctor; whose individual advice takes precedence over any previous information given.

Only once you have been assessed can we give you a full recommendation on what is your best treatment option.

Occasionally that may mean a referral to another specialist whether it by for a different type of laser or for the complexity of the concern.

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Treatment Time

A few minutes

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Recovery Time

7-10 days healing

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Removed moles

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Results Duration


Laser Mole Removal Costs

MolesSurgery CostHistology* Cost Total Cost
1from £345£95£440
2from £525£115£640
3from £705£135£840
4from £885£155£1,040
5from £1,065£175£1,240

Mole Consultation

Consultations with our doctors or surgeons cost £75 for mole removal. The consultation fee is redeemable against the price of mole removal treatment when carried out at the same appointment as the consultation.

Doctor consultations are purely for the moles’ patients request to have assessed for removal. Please book separately for a full body mole check.

Histology / Testing of the Mole

* All moles that are removed are sent to a separate laboratory for histology microscopic testing by a pathologist doctor to ensure the correct diagnosis. This is a standard requirement for good medical practice and results will be sent to you via encrypted email.

Please call 0207 386 0464 OR email for help.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Our medical advisors would be happy to make an appointment for you:

The consultation fee is payable on booking. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

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Videos - Laser Mole Removal at Cosmedics

Laser mole removal demo
Laser mole removal demo
Mole removal using laser and shave excision
Mole removal using laser and shave excision
Same-day treatments for moles, warts, skin tags and cysts - leading doctors and surgeons explain
Same-day treatments for moles, warts, skin tags and cysts - leading doctors and surgeons explain

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Laser Mole Removal FAQ: Questions & Answers

Is laser removal suitable for all moles?

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Laser mole removal tends to be recommended for smaller, raised moles. We understand that patients like the idea of laser treatment, but for large and/or flat moles, our expert Doctors/Surgeons may recommend ellipse excision for best results. They will give full advice in your consultation, after examination of the mole.

Does laser mole removal hurt?

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Treatment is completely pain-free, as we give a local anaesthetic prior to the procedure. You’ll just feel a brief sting as the anaesthetic injection goes in, but this passes very quickly and the laser mole removal procedure is then pain-free.

Will I need stitches?

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NO – that’s the great thing about laser mole removal, as this procedure doesn’t require any stitches at all.

It is a very straightforward procedure and wounds tend to heal very well and quickly too.

How long does it take to heal?

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We don’t use stitches, the area heals more like a graze or a scrape. It takes around 10-14 days for the wound to cover over with new skin, but there will be a pink mark for a few weeks. The colour eventually fades, after which, the scar is barely visible.

What training do you have?

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Laser mole removal is carried out by fully qualified Doctors and Surgeons who have extensive training and experience beyond their medical qualifications. They carry out thousands of procedures every year and are highly skilled.

Can I get my mole removed on the same day as consultation?

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Yes, absolutely. Cosmedics Skin Clinics pioneered the ‘See & Treat’ system which enables clients to go ahead in the same appointment as their consultation. We understand that our patients are busy, so we make our appointment times generous to allow for immediate treatment (as long as both patient and Doctor/Surgeon are agreed). If you’re not sure there’s no obligation to go ahead straightaway; you’re welcome to arrange treatment for another day if preferred.

Will the mole come back?

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No, once it has been removed the mole is permanently gone. The same mole will not regrow.

Can you treat multiple moles in the same appointment?

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Yes, we very often remove 2 or more moles in one session, as laser mole removal is very quick and straightforward. If we are removing multiple moles, then prices per mole are cheaper after the first one.

For patients who have a lot of moles to remove, then our Doctors and Surgeons may advise more than one appointment. They will advise the best course of treatment during consultation, after assessing your moles and discussing your requirements.

Where can I get laser mole removal?

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We offer laser mole removal for the face or body at all our clinics:

Find your nearest laser mole removal clinic

Harley Street

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