Facial Mole Removal

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Where they are raised, they can be a problem with shaving and even more noticeable. Hairy moles are particularly difficult for both men and women.


  • age – they can increase as we get older and/or become more prominentFacial moles tend to be associated with:
  • family history – if relatives were ‘moley’ then you are more likely to be too
  • sun exposure – the UVA/UVB rays can also be a factor

Mole Removal on the Face

Although the NHS will not generally remove moles without a medical concern, private mole removal offers a solution.

Cosmedics’ doctors use laser mole removal and skin surgery techniques for minimal scarring. The procedure is quick and pain-free and often can be done on the same day as the appointment.

Facial mole removal costs from only £295 at our clinics

Call our friendly team today on 0207 386 0464 and see if this something that could help you too.

Treatment Information

.Most facial moles can be removed using laser or shave excision surgery:

Moles Surgery Cost Histology* Cost Total Cost
1 £295 £85 £380
2 £445 £105 £550
3 £595 £125 £720

Larger moles or certain flat or suspicious moles may be better treated using Ellipse Excision, a technique that requires stitches (dissolvable in most cases).

This costs from £450 plus £85 histology per mole (total £535). See Mole Removal for more Ellipse Excision prices

* Histology or mole testing – It is our policy that ALL mole specimens deemed appropriate are sent for testing for patient safety, good clinical practice and ultimate peace of mind.

This involves the mole that is removed being sent to another laboratory where it is examined by a doctor to ensure all the layers of the skin are normal. Very occasionally even moles that look fine after removal can be found to have abnormalities lower down. This microscopic histopathology testing is the only 100% guarantee the mole is normal.


  • Prices above are a guide to the costs and the exact price can only be determined once the doctor has examined the mole and advice given as to the best way of removal. Larger and more complex moles are likely to incur a higher fee.
  • Doctor consultations are purely for the moles patients request to have assessed for removal and do not constitute a full body mole check. This is available as a separate service for a top-to-toe review of your skin and identification of any worrying lesions.  Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (**note: ‘See and treat’ same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge)

Patient Review

Dr Ross and Dr Smith have both been exceptional.

“I have a face that is transformed and healing beautifully. Their aftercare was superb, realistic – in terms of what to expect and healing time.

“I am also feeling confident. Why did I live with the moles on my face for so long!

“Its defo a new me. I felt reassured by their knowledge and expertise, the options they gave me and the management of my expectations.

“They wanted to get it right because it was my face. Also, Dr Ross was keen to be cost effective for me and went out of his way to facilitate the histology testing so I wouldn’t be double charged. Dr Bella was careful and cautious and has great pastoral skills. She did a beautiful job on a tough removal and I know it was stressful. Particularly because it took longer than planned and there was a queue of other people waiting… she didn’t rush me though.

“In terms of the front office and support staff, they are all friendly, supportive, efficient, reassuring and well turned out. Great system in place for appointment checks and the layout and design, interiors make for a very comfortable, dare I say “enjoyable” experience.

“I will come back, for any treatment in the future. I took my Mum with me on the first appointment and she was equally impressed and open to make changes herself instead of living with things that get her down.

“Jacqueline at front office was particularly (in my mind) a staff member who shone and went out of her way to get me an appointment with Dr Ross sooner. Also, she was comforting during the stress of having something done to my face that I had been so conscious about. She is an asset to you.”

Annie, London


Before & After

I am so happy with the results!
The removal and recovery was so quick and painless that I regret not doing it years ago.

A bothersome mole was removed from the side of the nose, leaving skin smoother.

Before and after results from mole removal on the lower part of the cheek.

These pictures illustrate the results of a small mole removal procedure on the chin.

An annoying raised but colourless mole was removed from the side of the nose.

This raised mole was annoying situated very close to the eye. It was quickly and painlessly removed.

This facial mole was removed straightaway in the consultation, leaving the skin clearer

Removal of a large and obtrusive mole by the lip

A raised mole on the forehead was removed with minimal mark left after healing. Brown spots due to sun damage were treated with laser.

Before and after mole removal. A large mole above the lip was removed using the shave excision technique for minimal scarring.

Images showing before and after removal of a mole above the top lip.


0 thoughts on “Facial Mole Removal

  1. ref same day surgery and the possible need for Ellipse excision. Who actually undertakes the surgery, the same doctor that has assessed the mole? I note in the comments above- all positive, that “there was a queue of other people waiting”if everyone that attends your clinic needs surgery wouldn’t that possibly lead to rush jobs?Also with your clinic undertaking so many other procedures I’m worried about not actually getting specialist treatment. By the way , i’ve checked the other mole clinics and yours , in my view offers a better service, but as the mole is on my face, you can appreciate that i need to be 100% certain before i proceed. Dee Newey

    1. Each patient is assessed by the doctor on the day and timings are factored in for most removal methods. For ellipse excisions if they are more complicated we can’t always guarantee they are done on the day, but in most cases they can be. Dr Ross Perry is the doctor we would suggest for you, as his speciality if dealing with facial skin lesions and skin cancer reconstruction, so he would be best placed to offer you all the options available and decide if even an ellipse excision is required.

  2. Good morning, I have a huge quantity of medium and little moles on whole body. Because I am thinking to remove at least half of them, the big ones, probably between 15 and 20, I am wondering how it would be the price. Thanks a lot,
    Elena Chieffa

    1. In most cases, we would start with 4-5 moles to make sure the results are ok and you are happy and then maybe do more in another session. We charge £895 for 5 moles using laser/shave excision, plus £160 histology total £1,055. However, it would be best to have a consultation for a proper diagnosis in order to see what cost we could do for that number.

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Helen F

I have had botox and fillers done with both Dr Todman and Dr Vardy. Previously been to other clinics, but have to say Cosmedics is London's best! Nobody knows I have even had it done, my friends asked if I had been on holiday? Thank you Cosmedics I would highly recommend.

Posted 1 hour ago

Michael K

Dr was really kind, procedure over quickly. Thank you. :)

Posted 2 hours ago

Suzy G

It was great - nice & quick!

Posted 1 week ago


Excellent treatment by Dr. Todman, very competent and friendly - recommend!

Posted 1 week ago


Saw Dan, very reassuring as I was very nervous. Would highly recommend and would not hesitate to return for further treatment

Posted 1 week ago


Dr Rhys Stevens removed a mole on my lip and I would just like to thank him so so much, I have dealt with my mole for years and never had the confidence to sort it out. I use to be bullied over it and my confidence was extremely low because of it. I couldn't even talk about it to anyone. So to go to a clinic and get it removed was a massive step for me. Dr Rhys Stevens made me feel very relaxed as well as the nurse assisting him and I cannot express how impressed I am with it. Even straight after I was impressed with how it looked, I expected it to look a lot different. It's now been nearly 2 weeks and I'm able to put make up on over it. I hope he is able to read this and anyone thinking about having anything similar done I highly highly recommend them. Thank you again this will change my life massively. Jenny

Posted 2 weeks ago

Stephanie M

Well explained and friendly.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Lauren T

The Dr was very knowledgeable and explained all scenarios as I had a rather large mole on my face. Very quick and painless. Now just to wait and see the results!

Posted 3 weeks ago


Wow!! It was so quick and easy , Jennifer was so nice and removed the mole in about 10 minutes thank you so much :))

Posted 3 weeks ago

Sam S

Great service. Comfortable procedure.

Posted 3 weeks ago


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