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What is a pilar cyst?

A pilar cyst is a type of skin cyst that develops when the cyst sac forms from cells similar to those that are in the bottom of hair follicles. Pilar cysts form slowly at first, but they get larger with time. Fortunately, they are not painful.

Pilar cysts can form where hair follicles become clogged or obstructed. They form anywhere on the body hair grows and are especially common in areas where you shave or pluck your hair, as this can cause damage to the follicle. Pilar cysts can also commonly crop up on the scalp. They may appear more frequently on the scalp because the scalp naturally produces oil.

However, it’s important to note that pilar cysts are not exclusively limited to your face and scalp. They can also grow on your back, neck, chest, and stomach.

Pilar cysts may be irritating and uncomfortable, but they are not life-threatening or medically harmful. The main concern is cosmetic i.e. relating to their appearance.

What do pilar cysts look like?

Pilar cysts are round lumps on your body, which can appear quite dome-like on the surface of your skin. They are normally the same complexion as your skin tone and are usually firm to the touch but smooth in texture.

Pilar cysts are easily misdiagnosed or confused with other skin conditions, so it’s best to have an assessment if you have any concerns at all.

How do you identify a pilar cyst

Pilar cysts are solid lumps, but they do not contain pus and should not be sensitive to touch.

How do we diagnose pilar cysts?

It’s best to see a specialist for a proper assessment of your pilar cyst(s). The doctor will need to carry out a careful examination of the cyst in order to obtain the correct diagnosis.

Will a pillar cyst go away on its own?

In some cases, cysts can eventually heal on their own. You may be able to relieve the swelling by pressing a clean, hot towel to the cyst. This can feel soothing too.

Not all cysts will disappear, some are quite stubborn and just keep getting bigger.

Is removal necessary?

It is a matter of personal choice. Cysts are not dangerous or harmful in medical terms. They’re also not contagious. The main issue for most people is how they look. Sometimes they can cause additional problems if they protrude a lot and get caught easily. 
If you would prefer to get rid of your pilar cyst, then always seek a medical professional who has expertise in cyst removal.

How we treat cysts

If you would prefer to get rid of your pilar cyst, then always seek a medical professional who has expertise in cyst removal. Cosmedics Skin Clinics treat all sorts of lumps and bumps, blemishes and lesions. Their medical experts recommend that cysts are best removed using surgical techniques. This is a minor procedure which is carried out under local anaesthetic.

The doctor makes an incision, then squeezes out the pus from inside the cyst before carefully drawing out the cyst ‘sac’. It is important that the sac is removed in order to prevent the cyst from regrowing. The wound is closed using tiny stitches or steri-strips.

At what size does a pilar cyst need surgery?

There is no specific size at which a pilar cyst must be removed. Some people choose to have them removed when they’re quite tiny, to avoid them getting bigger and becoming more noticeable or worrying. Removing cysts early tends to leave very small scarring after healing, which is practically unnoticeable.

Yet others live with them for years, either hoping they’ll go on their own or else not really worried about the cyst. Big cysts can be removed as well, although naturally the incision will have to be larger.

What can happen if a pilar cyst is left untreated?

If you leave a pilar cyst untreated, then it is likely to continue growing. Cysts grow to be a variety of sizes. Some can be quite small, 1cm or even less; while others can grow to the size of a tennis ball.

There is also a risk of a cyst becoming inflamed or infected. For most people, the main reason for getting rid of cysts is the aesthetic appearance of them.

Why choose Cosmedics for pilar cyst removal

The team at Cosmedics Skin Clinics is committed to providing high-quality health care to everyone who phones or visits. Our professionals are qualified and will assist you in diagnosing your pilar cyst and explaining the recommended treatment for pilar cyst removal.

They’ll also explain the aftercare and any other relevant issues. You can trust Cosmedics for pain-free treatment and minimal scarring results. We offer cyst removal in a choice of London clinics and many can be removed same day, saving the inconvenience of having to return for a further appointment.



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