laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal legsPain-Free Soprano, for all Skin Types!

Laser hair removal means no more spending time repeatedly waxing, shaving or using hair removal cream.

Award-winning technology

Cosmedics have invested carefully in the very latest laser technology to maximise results and safety, offering the painfree hairfree Soprano laser machine with IN-Motion technology:

  • aesthetic-awardsguaranteed pain-free treatment – unlike other laser IPL
  • permanent and long-term hair reduction
  • popular with both women and men
  • can be used on a variety of areas of the face or body
  • suitable for all skin/hair types

The underarms, legs and bikini are popular options for women (see our Bikini Line Style Guide)

Problem Hair

The machine is particularly successful with “problem” hair issues such as:

  • uncomfortable in-growing hairs
  • female facial hair
  • female hormone-related excessive hair growth – a common consequence of PCOS (polycystic ovaries)
  • excessive bodily hair in men

Excellent for patients who have abandoned more painful traditional IPL machines.

Exclusively available in the Putney clinicDirect Booking Line: 0208 246 4866

Before and After Results

underarm before


laser hair removal underarm after


This image shows the results of underarm treatment with the soprano laser hair removal machine. The skin appears soft, smooth and hair-free. Results are permanent.

Before and After Results

laser hair removal soprano bikini before


laser hair removal soprano bikini after


Bikini Line

Before and After Results

soprano top lip before


soprano top lip after


Top Lip

Before and After Results

laser hair removal back before


laser hair removal back after



laser hair removalConsultation/Patch Test:

Consultation/patch test is £25, this is redeemable against a course of treatments booked on the day of consultation.

6th Treatment FREE:

Offer applies when a course of 6 or more treatments is booked. This offer and treatment is exclusively available in Cosmedics Beauty Putney clinic.

Laser hair removal prices – Women

Number of Sessions:
1 6
Upper lip, chin, OR cheeks * £70 £350
Jawline £85 £425
Neck £100 £500
Lower face £130 £600
Full face £150 £750
Standard bikini £90 £450
G-string (high bikini) £105 £525
Brazilian bikini £125 £625
Hollywood bikini £150 £750
Fingers OR toes £35 £175
Hands, nipples, linea nigra OR feet * £70 £350
Underarms £90 £450
Abdomen, lower arms OR upper arms* £125 £625
Full arms £175 £875
Lower legs OR upper legs * £190 £950
Full legs £280 £1,400
Hands+fingers OR feet+toes * £90 £450
Lip + chin £105 £525
G-string + underarms £180 £900
Underarms + brazilian bikini £205 £1,025
Hollywood bikini + underarms £230 £1,150
Underarms + lower leg £260 £1,300
Standard bikini + lower leg £270 £1,350
G-string + lower legs £285 £1,425
Brazilian + lower legs £305 £1,525
Hollywood + lower legs £330 £1,650
Standard bikini + full legs £360 £1,800
G-string + full legs £375 £1,875
Hollywood bikini + full legs £420 £2,100

* Note – price is PER single area, unless otherwise stated

Laser hair removal prices – Men

Number of Sessions:
1 6
Sideburns £85 £425
Shoulders £130 £650
Beard, buttocks, chest OR half-back * £135 £675
Full back £230 £1,150
Half back & shoulders package £255 £1,275
Full back & shoulders package £310 £1,550

* Note – price is PER single area, unless otherwise stated

Patient Review:

“It was such a relief last summer to not have to shave every day or put up with evening stubble.  My skin is so much softer.  NO stubble and NO ingrowing hairs.  I wish I’d had it year ago and now that my armpits are fuzz-free, I’m planning to have my legs done next.” A.

Top of the Range Specification

laser hair removal soprano

The Soprano®XL is a revolutionary diode laser system for permanent hair reduction. It is the world’s first laser hair removal system that isvirtually painless without the use of anesthesia or numbing gels.

Features of the Soprano machine include:

  • Permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types
    • Including tanned skin, blonde/fine/fair hair
    • Gold standard 810-nm laser diode for incredible results.
  • Virtually pain-free hair removal, due to:
    • IN-Motion™ technology
    • Sapphire DualChill tip and optional Zimmer Cryo 5 air chiller adapter
  • Fast hair removal
    • 12×10 mm spot
    • Up to 10 Hz repetition rate
Cosmedics’ Dr Ross Perry spent a lot of time in carefully researching the very best laser hair removal system for fabulous, pain-free results.  We are really proud to bring Soprano to our Putney clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of laser machine do Cosmedics use?

Cosmedics Skin Clinics use the Soprano laser machine.  We have spent a lot of time researching the options and chose Soprano as we believe it is the very best laser technology available today.  Treatment is surprisingly comfortable and hair removal results are fast and long-lasting.

How does the Soprano laser system differ from traditional laser technology?

All laser technology previously available emits laser lightusing a pulse method.This process can be painful, time consuming and may not work onall skin and hair types. By contrast the advanced Soprano pain free hair removal system diode laser technology uses low fluence, high average power and repetition rateso the application of light is constant. This allows for the ‘in-motion’technology to be quick and efficient as it is delivered in a sweeping paintbrush motion over the skin as opposed to the pain-staking and time consuming pulse method.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

With other systems, laser hair removal can be uncomfortable and painful.  However, with the Soprano system, you will experience a warming sensation but no discomfort.

Is laser hair removal safe?

The Soprano laser technology is approved by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) for laser hair reduction.  Side effects are incredibly rare.

Is there any preparation or aftercare required?

We advise patients to minimise exposure to the sun, sunbeds or self-tanning as this could make hair removal treatment less effective.  Skin preparations such as retinol, glycolic or acne preparations should also be avoided and certain medications will make the skin sensitive to the laser light.  This will be discussed at your consultation. Hair should be 1-2mm long before treatment.  It does not need to grow very long in order for effective treatment, but should not be waxed or epilated prior to your session and do not shave on the same day as treatment.

How do I remove the hair in between treatments?

You can shave any hair that appears between treatments, but do not remove the hair from the follicle (i.e. waxing or plucking) as the treatment is designed to tackle hair in its growth stage.

How much does the laser treatment cost?

Laser hair removal treatment costs vary depending on the size of area to be treated and the number of treatment sessions required.  Click on the “prices” tab to see details. At consultation we will discuss how the number of treatments and the cost of your course.

Who will perform the treatment?

Your laser hair removal will be carried out by a fully trained and highly experienced laser therapist.

What about shaving?

As the average woman will shave over 11,000 times in her lifetime, it is easy to see the appeal of laser, which offers the promise of long-term hair removal treatment.

Will it work on my hair?

Unlike many other systems, the Soprano laser is very flexible and can be used on any skin or hair type and on any part of the body. Those patients with blonde, fine or fair hair may have been told that laser treatment is not suitable for them.  The Soprano machine uses a diode laser combined with ‘in-motion’ technology and a sophisticated cooling system, so is available to very many patients who could previously not have laser hair removal.  Call Cosmedics for advice.

What are the Bikini Line Styles?

If you don’t know your Brazilian from your Hollywood, your Standard Bikini from your High Bikini, you are not alone… Cosmedics Bikini Line Style Guide shows you the options to save your embarrassment!

bikini line styles 2014

NEW Laser Skin Tightening therapy

laser skin

Laser skin rejuvenation actively targets and treats lines, wrinkles and sun damage for fresher, tighter skin.

The laser works deep within the skin, shrinking collagen and stimulating regeneration of the skin cells for a tighter, fresher appearance. Treatment is not at all painful, although patients report that they can feel the laser working, in a positive way, deep within the skin. Initial results are almost instant and will improve over time as the collagen and skin cells repair.  A course of 3-6 treatments is normally recommended for maximum impact.

Treatment Areas

While facial treatments to reduce lines and wrinkles or improve the jawline are perhaps the most popular, the treatment can also be used on body areas, for example, tightening loose skin on the abdomen after childbirth or tackling stretch marks or even bingo wings.


Hi I would like to know if this laser is suitable for dark skin?


    Yes, unlike many other forms, this type of laser can be used on all skin/hair types and combinations. Please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements on or tel: 020 7386 0464


At what age can laser hair removal be carried out ?

Sue V

    Hello, we treat patients over the age of 18. Thank you for your enquiry.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Hi, with the soprano system do you sterilise equipment before and after each patient use? Thanks

Lisa s

    Our beauty therapists disinfect the laser head both before and after each client.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

How long do you normally have to leave it between treatments?

Laura B

    This depends on the area being treated and would be confirmed at consultation, but is usually 3-4 weeks.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

What’s the difference between laser hair removal and IPL? Which is most effective? Do you have someone who can provide an independent view?

Rachel A

Laser Hair Removal

Hi, what will be price for top lip ? Thanks.


    Upper lip costs £70 per treatment, or £350 for a course of 6 (paid in advance, the 6th treatment is free).

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

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