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Cysts are closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other material, creating a “lump or bump” that may feel like a small, smooth pea under the skin’s surface.

Cysts can develop as a result of infection, clogging of sebaceous glands, or around foreign bodies or ingrowing hairs. Cysts often occur on the face, scalp and body with the commonest types being a sebaceous cyst, epidermal or pilar cysts.

Most patients have already seen their doctor and been advised that these are harmless, which is correct. The problems occur when cysts get bigger and irritate; or get infected/rupture, which causes them to swell and become painful.

It is often best to get them removed before this happens and the scar from removal is far less noticeable. Occasionally the lump or bump may be a lipoma which is fatty lump slightly deeper in the skin that is also easily removed with minimal scarring.

Cyst Removal Costs from only £450

Same Day Removal

Cosmedics Skin Clinics have experienced doctors who are able to offer ‘same day’ cyst removal. 

Removing cysts is a relatively quick procedure and painless as procedures are done under local anaesthetic. Our London and Bristol clinics offer a sterile medical setting suitable for small surgical procedures.

Please get in touch to discuss the options.

Cyst Removal from the Face, Scalp & Body

Patients are often reluctant to have cysts removed until they get to a size where they are visible or causing annoyance, due to unfounded concerns about scarring. If it gets infected or ruptures the scarring will be worse so it’s often preferable to remove them before this happens.

At Cosmedics Skin Clinics, we remove facial, scalp and body for sebaceous, epidermal and pilar cysts using techniques that seek to minimise the visible scarring. This we often do through a micro-excision, so the cyst is removed almost from the inside through a tiny little hole which only normally requires one or two stitches.  This has far reaching benefits.  Not only is the incision much smaller and the scarring is as a result much less, but also the risk of infection and wound healing is far superior.

Before & After Cyst Removal

sebaecous cyst removal


cyst removal


cyst removal before and after

Cyst removal from the forehead, leaving minimal scar even straight after surgery

Before & After Cyst Removal



forehead cyst removal


cyst removal

Removal of a troublesome cyst just above the eyebrow

Before & After Cyst Removal

cyst removal before


sebaceous cyst


cyst removed

These images show the patient before cyst removal with a noticeable cyst close to the eye area. The second image shows the actual cyst removed.

Cyst Removal Results

cyst removal after 1 week


Cyst removal after 1 month


cyst removal results

These images show the results of cyst removal after 1 week and after a month. The scar has healed and faded well.

  • cyst removal before and after
  • cyst removal
  • cyst removed
  • cyst removal results

Cyst Removal

Description Surgery Cost Histology* Cost Total Cost
1 cyst / lipoma from £450 £80 £530
Larger/complex cysts or lipomas from £650 £80 £730

The price is confirmed at consultation with one of Cosmedics’ experienced doctors.

To get an idea of the cost, patients can choose to send a photograph of their cyst to and we will ask a Doctor to give an opinion. However, this does not replace a face to face consultation.


We charge £50 for the consultation unless treatment is undertaken at the consultation. If treatment is arranged at a later date, the consultation fee is not redeemable against the price of treatment.

Patients will be given the appropriate advice on how to care for their wound and minimise scarring. This will be explained at the consultation to ensure that patients are making a fully informed decision about their treatment. A full understanding of aftercare is also important to enable patients to choose appropriate timing to fit in with events or holidays. 

Depending on the procedure and whether stitches/dressings are required, there may be a follow-up appointment about a week later. This second appointment is included in the cost of cyst removal.



I’m 22, I’ve had a cyst on my right cheek bone for about 2 years, which occasionally swells & then contracts. It’s reasonably painful when it’s swollen. On average its size is increasing and is currently about the size of a pea.

Does a consultation cost anything? I’m based in Bristol.

Many Thanks,



    A consultation is £50 but redeemable against treatment on the day. If you wish you can send a photograph of your cyst to and we will ask a Doctor to give advice.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Hi I have a cyst on my back n it’s abt 3cm so can u Pls tell me tht what I have to do?


    Hello, the best way forward is to see one of our doctors for an assessment and explanation of the options. This costs £50 but is redeemable against treatment on the day. If you wish you can send a photograph of your cyst to and we will ask a Doctor to give advice or call our friendly team for further advice.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Hello, could you tell me what your procedure is called for cyst removal from the head/scalp that does not cause scarring, or that leaves minimal scarring? I am in the United States, (Utah) looking for a doctor who will do what you describe. Thank you.


    It is a minor surgical procedure. Our doctors use careful techniques to minimise scarring, but any procedure will leave some mark. The aim is for this to be small and neat so that it heals well and fades with time.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Do you have any experience with the removal of a Dermatofibroma cyst on the lower leg
its about 1cm round had it for 10 yrs.
Thank you


    Yes we do. The only way to remove this sort of cyst is by ellipse excision with stitches. The procedure will replace the lump with a thin scar. This is a common problem often occurring after a insect bite or injury. If it’s in the lower leg we advise to rest for 2 days after in order to limit amount of wailing around. Our doctor estimates cost from £650-£850 plus £80 for testing. A consultation would be required to assess the cyst and confirm cost. Please contact us if you wish to book an appointment.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

what is the cost for multiple cyst removals?


    We would recommend a consultation with one of our skin doctors to assess the number and size of cysts and can quote accordingly at that point. However, if you would like to send in a photo we can give an estimate in advance. You can email your photo to or call 020 7386 0464 to discuss further or book an appointment.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

I have four lumps on my face that I would like removing. I once saw a programme on TV where a similar lump on a ladies face was treated using a laser and it reduced and disappeared within a matter of seconds. Is this a type of treatment you can provide?


    We do use a laser in some of our skin procedures, it depends what the problem is. If you could email a photo in confidence to, we’ll ask a doctor to take a look and provide more accurate advice on what treatment would be most appropriate for you.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Hi what is the cost of removing a lump under nipple in male chest.


    Cyst removal costs from £450. However, we would need to see the problem to confirm costs properly. Larger cysts are more expensive, but if the issue is a skin tag, wart or mole, then it is likely to cost less. If you wish, you can email a photo in confidence to This doesn’t replace a consultation, but can be helpful to get an idea of cost in advance.

    Cosmedics Skin Clinics

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