The following table outlines what to expect ‘day by day’ in terms of aftercare and recovery.

Timeline/days What to expect at the woundWhat to do
1-3 Feels tight, slight swollen, mild discomfort easing off Keep dressing on
3-7 Discomfort easing off and mild itch where dressing is Steristrips
7-14Wound heals over and is red minor swelling and redness, small bruising Steristrips / micropore tape. Stitches removed if needed
14-28Fully healed and red line Steristrips /micropore tape
1-3 monthsRedness fading to pink Massage with bio-oil or silicon gels. Sunblock if in the sun
3-9 monthsPink area fading to skin color or slightly lighter and any lumpiness flattening out. Sunblock if in the sun