Surgical Vein Removal

Vein stripping is a method in which the NHS traditionally tends to use for treating varicose veins. However, it was associated with a high failure rate (50%) and painful long recovery. The NHS now do very little varicose vein removal. Vein stripping is no longer the first choice for varicose veins and we do not offer it at Cosmedics Skin Clinics. The treatment has been superseded by EVLA (laser varicose vein treatment).

Laser treatment for varicose veins means the old version of surgical ‘stripping’ or pulling out of the veins is now rarely performed. Micro or minimally invasive surgery has now superseded all the previous forms of vein surgery.

Microsurgery Vein Removal

Microsurgery is carried out in some cases at the same time as the endovenous laser treatment to help remove small areas that are simply too bulky to melt away. This procedure is known as phlebectomy and can also be used on its own for smaller veins if indicated. By using micro incisions that are only 2mm in size the wounds heal very quickly and leave no marks, only super smooth legs. Phlebectomy (surgical removal of veins) is done under local anaesthetic. Firstly, the surgeon will make micro punctures or tiny incisions in the varicose vein. Then the varicose veins are removed using a special phlebectomy hook which is used to pull out each varicose vein in turn. The incisions are so small that no stitches are required. Phlebectomy is included within our laser varicose vein removal procedure to ensure the best results and pricing. Microsurgical vein removal is also available on its own from £500. During your consultation, your vascular surgeon will explain your options to you and help you decide which treatment is best for you.