“I was embarrassed and it took a while to call but I am so glad I did as the doctor removed all the warts in one go. It took a few days to heal after the laser treatment but just happy not to have them any longer.”

Mike B. London

“I tried a cream over the internet that burned the skin around the wart but did not remove it depsite using it for weeks. Wish I had just seen a professional in the first place and after trawling the internet found Cosmedics whose doctors all do freezing, laser and surgery for warts. Mine required a bit of everthing but all done in one visit and they have not come back thank god.”

Aiden M. Surrey

“Wish I had done it sooner as got so worked up about it. The treatment involved a laser or some machine that simply burnt the wart off there and then. You can see it vanish and just left a small scab that healed in few days.”

Kim B. Berkshire