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Patients often experience some redness afterwards from a few days to 1-2 weeks according to how many veins are needed to be treated and those with fairer skin types typically take a bit longer to recover.

Lots of moisturising is advised afterwards and application of sunblock is important to protect skin after the treatment.

Occasionally you get some bruising and redness which settles in a week or so. Rarely some light brown marks can be left where the vein once was, but this normally settles.

To ensure long-lasting results it is important to note that clients who have leg sclerotherapy treatment should wear compression class 2 stockings for a minimum of 48-hour post-treatment but can be worn for up to 1-month post-treatment.

These are soon to be available to purchase at our Putney clinic or online but can also be purchased at chemists.

In most cases ‘yes’.

The thread veins will shrink back after treatment, leaving clearer skin so that you can feel free to show off your legs.

Occasionally a few treatment sessions are required to get optimal results normally about a month apart. The results can last for up to a few years before the natural skin effects mean that sometimes they recur or new veins appear due to the skins natural tendency to form these veins. At this point, further treatment can be arranged if necessary to tackle any new veins.

Expect the normal sensation of an injection – a mild scratch-like discomfort that is over in seconds.

Treatment prices start at £300, but this would be confirmed at your consultation with the doctor. It is important to note that sometimes more than one session is required to get long-lasting results and sometimes a maintenance session is required.

The treatment is designed to tackle prominent, visible veins that can appear on the legs. These may be bluish, red or purple in colour.

They tend to arrive with age – over 70% of women over 70 have thread veins – and although they can have no apparent cause a tendency to thread veins seems to be an inherited trait. They can also be associated with hormonal changes and exposure to the sun, wind and cold.