We find that patients will travel from all parts of the UK for anal skin tag removal surgery. Our ‘See & Treat’ services means that we can often get it all sorted in one appointment. Let us know if you’re travelling for this procedure and we’ll provide further advice.

Patients are often worried about stories of pain and long recovery after anal skin tag removal. We often find that the google stories of anal skin removal are done when accompanying haemorrhoid surgery which is just not necessary in most cases where it is purely just excess skin or a tag that is bothersome.

Due to the delicate precision in the way the skin tags are removed, most patients just take simple paracetamol or ibuprofen for a few days and recover within 1-2 weeks.

We realise this is a sensitive and embarrassing topic and all our staff from the first person you speak to or email have seen and heard it all before so don’t be worried about contacting us for some advice as we are more than happy to help.

If you would like to get some more personal information and advice, please get in touch with our friendly doctors today and we will help you through your journey.

At Cosmedics our doctors and surgeons are very experienced in anal skin tag removal and we understand that this is an extremely sensitive issue. Once you have been examined in most cases we can offer ‘See & Treat‘ same day anal skin tag removal.

At Cosmedics we have pioneered private anal skin tag removal in London with a combination of surgery and laser under local anaesthetic so it can be done as a walk-in walk-out procedure in about 30 minutes. We aim to remove safely as much of the skin tag or excess skin that is present in the anal area. Patients are then free to go home and carry on life as normal.

Patients are often so surprised how quick and simple the whole process especially when other clinics tend to do this under general anaesthetic in hospitals at 3-4 times the cost.

Patients who typically look to have anal skin tag removal are all ages and men as well as women.

They have often seen their doctor or an NHS specialist (colorectal surgeon) and advised that is it all ok and deemed ‘cosmetic’  so they don’t then need to remove the anal skin tags on the NHS. For a lot of people who want them removed, they then try often counter remedies or search google for a DIY treatment which almost always ends up making things worse and we would strongly advise against any of these methods.

Patients who are keen to remove the anal skin tags should seek specialist advice.

Anal skin tags are a more common problem than people realise and so if they develop one then not to be overly concerned or embarrassed. Having said this, naturally, people tend to worry and if affects their confidence with intimacy with their partners but also the feeling of not being totally clean.

Anal skin tags are very common and often a result of having suffered from piles or haemorrhoids in the past or from childbirth.

We understand why people might ideally prefer to find a way to deal with skin tags in private areas in their homes. Be warned, however, that diagnosing oneself is not always the best idea. For those who are not familiar with skin tags, it may be possible to confuse them with the symptoms of another disease such as genital warts. As this is a sensitive area and not easy to see what you are doing the best option is to book a consultation with a doctor. In addition, home remedies can be expensive and ineffective. Some may even be harmful. We recommend professional diagnosis and treatment in the patient’s best interests.

This patient kindly shared their experience of anal skin tag removal, to help others know what to expect.

Diary of my Bottom!

Results of Treatment:

“I am completely satisfied with how the procedure went. The fact that there was hardly any pain was an unexpected bonus. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about having it done as I now feel so much more hygienic and have bottom confidence again!”