Can Winter Sun Cause Skin Cancer?

14 Jan 2014 | Category: Medical

winter beautyMelanoma in Winter

Malignant melanoma (skin cancer) is the fifth most common cancer in the UK and we are warned to protect our skin all year round to avoid risk. 

In winter time it can be very tempting to disregard advice about sun safety. We generally spend a lot less time outdoors compared to the summer. In addition, the sun is further away and feels a lot less warm.

However, even on dull days in winter the skin is still exposed to the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays and should be protected.

Excess exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main preventable risk factor for skin cancer and the sun is the principal source of natural UV radiation. Both UVA and UVB rays are both linked to skin cancer.

Therefore YES, it is still very important to protect the skin in the winter. Bear in mind that even areas that have not seen the sun may still have malignant melanoma, so it is even more important to protect where possible.

This means wearing a high factor sun protection cream year round.

Suspicious Moles

Mole removal experts Cosmedics see many patients with concerns about moles.

The winter is a good time to check for suspicious moles as the skin tends to be a bit fairer so any changes can be more noticeable when you take the time to check. Do a thorough check of the face and body, looking for anything unusual, such as:

  • the shape is not symmetrical or even
  • jagged or blurry edges
  • blotchy moles or unusual colours or ‘spreading’ pigment into the surrounding skin
  • sudden growth in size
  • if the mole noticeably changes
  • if the mole begins to bleed, itch or redden

Mole Removal London, Bristol

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer both laser mole removal and mole removal surgery, modern techniques which should only leave minimal scarring when performed by skilled and experienced GMC accredited mole removal doctors who have removed literally thousands of moles over the years.

Cosmedics also offer a full mole check which is carried out by a doctor. This is ideal for those that are not confident or able  to carry out a mole check themselves, or who are concerned about moles and want a professional opinion.

All moles are sent away for clinical testing and this service is arranged at cost, for patients peace of mind. Moles can usually be removed same day and patients can save on the cost of subsequent moles removed in the same session.

Cosmedics was established in 2003 by Dr Ross Perry and remains a doctor owned and managed company.  The company has 5 clinics in London plus one in Bristol.

Telephone: 020 7386 0464



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