Varicose Vein Treatment Featured in Marie Claire

03 Nov 2014 | Category: Medical

before and after varicose vein treatment

Cosmedics’ EVLA treatment, commonly known as laser varicose vein treatment, features in Marie Claire’s online blog.

The article starts with a look at the blight of varicose veins, saying

“They can pop up at any time, but knobbly varicose veins lodged under the knees are mainly passed on in your genes from your parents.”

“Varicose veins are uncomfortable and ubiquitous – it’s estimated that over a third of both women and men in this country suffer from them.”

“Most people turn to dermatologists for sclerotherapy – a few saline-like injections – but to no real effect. For this particular beauty blight, you can forget dermatologists, you need a vascular surgeon who specialises in venous disease.”

Cosmedics Skin Clinics based in Putney is the Company’s Vein Treatment Centre, where a vascular surgeon visits to offer the laser varicose vein treatment as well as surgery and foam sclerotherapy.

The consultation includes a thorough assessment using ultrasound so that accurate diagnosis and treatment can be facilitated.

As Marie Claire explains:

“Heating the vein with laser, radiofrequency, or other devices, shrivels the veins away and then the body eats them up like a foreign body, never to be seen again.”

“So, unlike any other treatment for veins the first time they are treated they are gone for good.”

Cosmedics introduced this treatment earlier in 2014 and have had an excellent response.

Clients appreciate the fact that treatment can be done in a day and they can return home with no overnight stay.

What’s more, the laser procedure offers a much higher success rate than traditional vein stripping surgery, with a 95%+ permanent removal of the offending varicose veins.

Varicose Vein Removal Costs

Marie Claire states

  • Consultation with venous & PPG ultrasound scan: £795
  • Subfascial endoscopic perforating vein surgery (SEPS) Bilateral: £1806
  • Total: £2,601

However, Cosmedics Vein Treatment Centre offers very competitive alternatives:

  • Initial consultation and ultrasound scan £150
  • Both legs, 1 vein £2,250 / multiple veins £3,150
  • Total: from £2,400

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