Expert Review of DIY Microneedling Patches

21 Dec 2020 | Category: Cosmetic

mail-onlinein Daily Mail / Mail Online

With Dr Ross Perry

Medical patches are a convenient way of delivering treatment and options are now available for a host of purposes. But do they work?

HRT and nicotine patches are examples of effective and clinically proven patches. These deliver drugs or treatment directly via the blood stream for efficient absorption.

The Daily Mail and Mail Online looked into the availability of new types of patches with input from experts.

Expert skin treatment providers gave their insight and opinion in a feature entitled:

“From insomnia to cold sores, there’s now an adhesive remedy for your ailment, so which medical patches are worth sticking with?”

Microneedling Patches

Skin treatment expert Dr Ross Perry was invited to review the idea of a DIY microneedling patch.

Microneedling patches contain tiny ‘needles’ made of crystalised salicylic acid, totarol (antibacterial) and green tee extract (antioxidant). The needles penetrate the skin then dissolve to work in the layers beneath.

Dr Ross Perry advised:

“Microneedling is a technique used in a medical setting, where it is very effective.

“The needles create an inflammatory reaction, and the healing process gives the skin a boost. But this is a £10 product, so the result is not going to be anywhere near as good as at a clinic.

“And avoid overuse, which could damage the skin.”

The product was given a 4/10 rating.

mail medical patches

Read the article in full at

London microneedling treatment

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offers microneedling treatment using genuine Dermaroller at its London clinics including Harley Street, South Kensington, Putney and City. Treatments are ‘doctor-led’, so they are carried out by medically qualified doctors or surgeons, rather than therapists or beauticians, using medical-grade appliances.

Dermaroller is a special roller device which penetrates into the dermis of the skin creating lots of tiny injuries approximately 0.1mm in width. This process works to stimulate the skin’s healing processes including production of collagen and skin cell regeneration. After preparing the skin with microneedling, we apply skincare creams and/or serums. Thanks to the creation of little ‘holes’ on the skin’s surface, anything applied straightaway can penetrate more deeply than normal for greater benefit.

Dermaroller Treatment

Cosmedics Skin clinics offers a wide range of treatments. Find out more about the options available:

Skin Treatments

Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Cosmedics Skin Clinics was established in 2003. Cosmetic and medical skin treatments are carried out by specially trained team of doctors and surgeons.

The company offer a full range of cosmetic treatments using top brand products, as well as medical and minor surgery skin treatments including mole removal, cysts, warts and skin tags; plus treatment of conditions such as varicose veins, carpal tunnel and haemorrhoids.

The company has 5 clinics in London plus one in Bristol and work to a high clinical and aesthetic standard.

Call 020 7386 0464 or email to book an appointment.

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