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02 Nov 2020 | Category: Cosmetic

Facial Fillers Demo Video

Dr Ross Perry has shared a video which shows how fast and effective dermal fillers are at smoothing out deep nose to mouth lines.

The client was concerned about deep nose to mouth lines, which she found ageing.

Dr Ross Perry chose Juvederm VOLUMA longer lasting fillers. He explains:

“We’re going to be using a product called Juvederm VOLUMA. It comes with local anaesthetic so as we inject it it goes nice and numb as you can see it just lifts out the skin.

“These lines are quite deep so hence the reason we’re using the VOLUMA, because it’s a thicker product lasts longer and gives a really good instant lift. “

Halfway through the procedure, the patient was invited to look at the difference. She said:

“Wow I can’t believe it’s such a difference. It’s like, oh my God, it’s amazing, amazing result.

“It looks so natural as well; really, really natural if you compare this side.

“I wish I’d done a long time ago.”


Dr Ross Perry explained that the benefit of having fillers was partly preventative:

“It’ll probably stop the lines from getting deeper as well just because it’s sort of underpinning the skin.”

The client concluded:

“I had my fillers done – great result. Didn’t feel anything, no pain not at all and amazing results thank you very much Dr Ross Perry”

Before & After Dermal Fillers

Results Photos

dermal fillers nose mouth lines

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a very popular procedure which can be used to replenish lost volume in the skin, smoothing out lines, wrinkles and creases for a younger look.

In this case, the deep creases between the nose and mouth are very quickly improved.

Other areas that can be improved with dermal fillers include frown lines, cheeks and chin enhancement, mouth & lip lines (lip enhancement), nose reshaping (non-surgical nose job). The  ultimate use of dermal fillers is the 8 point face lift which lifts the facial structures at 8 key points in order to deliver a younger fresher look without surgery.

Dermal Filler Treatment Information


Dr Ross Perry

doctor ross perry

Dr Ross Perry is Founder and Medical Director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

He qualified at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School in 1994. His career includes NHS skin cancer reconstruction, work as a GP, as well as private cosmetic skin treatments.

He established Cosmedics Skin Clinics in 2003 and remains in charge as Medical Director. He is best known for dealing with unwanted skin lesions and blemishes (e.g. moles, cysts, warts skin tags) and natural-looking use of non-surgical cosmetic injections (BOTOX® Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Facial Fillers) as well as sun damage.

He regularly advises the press on health matters and has special expertise on matters relating to the skin.

Dr Ross Perry

Doctors & Surgeons

Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Cosmedics Skin Clinics was established in 2003 and has built up an excellent reputation for cosmetic and medical skin treatments, carried out by GMC Registered Doctors.  The company offer a full range of cosmetic treatments, including popular lip enhancement and wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers; plus medical treatments including mole removal, thread vein treatment and excessive sweating injections.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics has a team of skin treatment doctors and surgeons in their 5 skin clinics across London and Bristol led by Dr Ross Perry.

Call 020 7386 0464 or email to book an appointment.


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