What You Need To Know About Botox Parties

10 Jul 2012 | Category: Cosmetic

botox injectionBotox Parties

Botox is the most popular injectable cosmetic treatment in the world today, helping millions of women and men to look younger with smoother skin and fewer lines.

Botox parties, however, have received a mixed press. Why?

Firstly, the concept of a “party” is that everyone joins in, so a Botox Party could be seen to encourage people to undertake Botox treatment without proper consideration or understanding.

Secondly, Botox Parties held in clothing boutiques or people’s homes are by very definition not held with the clinical equipment, lighting and standards. A good clinic will be registered with the appropriate bodies, ensuring it meets stringent standards. This registration applies to the premises and will not extend when a practitioner goes off-site for treatment.

Thirdly, there have been concerns as to the qualifications of certain practitioners offering Botox parties. Botox is a prescription-only medication and should therefore only be prescribed by a Doctor. Beware less qualified practitioners.

Finally, Botox injections can be compromised by alcohol, which weakens the immune system. So mixing Botox and alcohol is a definite no-no under any circumstances.

On the plus side…

Having a gathering in a clinic or registered spa with a qualified doctor can be a good opportunity for prospective patients to learn more about anti-ageing treatments such as Botox.

There should not be any hard sell or compulsion to join in having Botox just because everyone else is, but for those new to it, the idea of “safety in numbers” means a clinic open evening can be a good informal opportunity to learn more with the support and company of friends.

Botox Treatment – What to look for:

Here’s a quick check-list of what to look for:

  • Treatment with a qualified and experienced Doctor
  • Highly reputable clinic
  • Each patient should have a full, private consultation with medical history taken prior to treatment
  • Consultation should be with the doctor giving the treatment
  • There should never be any obligation to have a treatment, either on the basis of discount or being part of a group

If in doubt, take time to think about it and be sure. If you are not 100% confident and comfortable with the practitioner or the setting, then do not proceed on the day. You can always come back or else find another practitioner in a registered clinic.

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