Key Information on Skin Tag Removal

It has been shown in studies that visible skin tags can be a cause of stress, embarrassment, and anxiety amongst women and men.  Those who are plagued by these unsightly annoyances need worry no longer, as a quick and easy solution is available to rid you of your skin tags.

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin Tags are small benign tumours usually found in areas where the skin forms creases, and are caused by friction and rubbing of the skin.  Skin tags are usually painless and harmless, and tend not to grow over time.  From time to time, they may be found on the face, although this is rare.  They are more common in those who are overweight; suffer from diabetes, or pregnant women.  It is thought that around 46% of the population suffer from skin tags.

How Can They be Removed?

As skin tags are perfectly harmless, there is no medical reason that they need to be removed.  If you have skin tags in a visible place, it can cause the embarrassment and anxiety mentioned above, so it is good news that the removal of skin tags is simple, quick and relatively pain free.  Although the traditional ‘home remedy’ of tying a piece of thread around the base of the skin tag tends to work, it can also leave scarring.  Medical treatments include freezing, surgery and laser treatment, and all three are designed to leave little or no trace of the skin tag.  Skin Tag Removal in a London clinic starts from around £80.

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