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29 Jan 2024 | Category: Medical

Dr Ross Perry and Linda Robson

Dr Ross Perry CosmedicsOn Tuesday 23rd January, ITV’s Loose Women programme invited Dr Ross Perry to talk about moles and checking your skin.

Skin health has been in the headlines recently after the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson shared news of her skin cancer diagnosis. Loose Women discussed this and Linda Robson mentioned that she was a little bit worried about something in her neck.

“…the kids kept saying to me you got like a little wart there mum, like a little tag thing you should get that checked – I went yeah yeah I will, I’ll be fine don’t worry about it and then yesterday I mentioned it on the show and now what’s happened”

Host Ruth Langsford replied:

“now what’s happened is that you said ‘No I haven’t had time’ and then we said ‘well we’ll make time’ OK so we thought we’d get you checked it out today”

She introduced Cosmedics Skin Clinics founder and Medical Director Dr Ross Perry and asked him to review Linda’s blemish:

“Dr Perry is a skin tag expert – skin expert. So obviously a lot of people are talking about this since Sarah Ferguson had her diagnosis and so many people don’t really know what they’re looking for. So Linda particularly had the skin tag. I have got special little close up camera here so if you want to just show if you excellent turn your head…”

Dr Ross Perry said:

“OK so it’s just a little fleshy thing that’s sticking out of the skin. They’re completely harmless ones like this”

Linda checked:

“Are you sure?”

Ross confirmed and reassured:

“Absolutely 100%. So they just often catch on clothes and irritate but ones like this absolutely fine”

Ruth asked:

“So why did they come up?”

Ross explained:

“Normally in areas like this skin rubs on skin and they just sort of come up from the friction”

Ruth queried:

“and could it be jewellery?”

Ross agreed:

“Jewellery will rub on them and catch on them as well. You can get them on the underarms, in the groin, so those are the common sites for them.”

Ruth asked about DIY skin tag removal:

“We have heard … there’s a lot of stuff online, TikTok and things, where people are doing like extraordinary things to remove them themselves so I was hearing from our team this morning. That’s obviously a big no no?”

Ross responded:

“in my opinion I wouldn’t, you know that’s what professionals are trained to do and you know, you never know is it just a skin tag is it something else; so I think it’s always best to just go and get it done properly.”

Ruth asked:

“So what is the procedure?”

Ross replied:

“for something like this it can be frozen off that would be the simplest thing so it’s nice and small”

He explained how the liquid nitrogen can get rid of skin tags:

“It literally just the freezing temperature kills the skin and it just drops off”

Looking for abnormalities

They then examined a mole that Dr Perry had drawn on Linda’s arm to explain what to look for

Ross said:

“We had a quick look at all of her just to make sure there wasn’t .anything going on but this – patients always ask me what am I looking for what am I really looking for because when you say changes patients don’t really know what changes – how much is asymmetry how much is an irregularity – but as a barn door sort of thing if you saw something dark and irregular on your skin that looks different from all your other moles then that’s something to go and get checked; and so it’s really what we call the ugly duckling sign”

Ruth summarised:

“OK, so so the advice really if it’s anything that you’re concerned about, anything that’s changing, anything that’s new or something like a tag that’s just irritating you…”

Ross concluded:

“Yes, just go get it checked out”

Watch Loose Women

The show can be rewatched while available at:

Dr Ross Perry

doctor ross perryDr Ross Perry regularly provides expert comment and advises the media on a range of skincare and health-related issues.

He has particular expertise in skin surgery mole removal and melanoma; having removed thousands of moles in his career, both within the NHS and privately through Cosmedics Skin Clinics. He has provided expert advice on sun damage and sun protection for a variety of UK media and publications.

He also comments on the latest cosmetic and anti-ageing treatment methods.


Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Cosmedics Skin Clinics was established in 2003 and has built up an excellent reputation for cosmetic and medical skin treatments, carried out by GMC Registered Doctors.  The company offer a full range of cosmetic treatments, including popular lip enhancement and wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers; plus medical treatments including mole removal, thread vein treatment and excessive sweating injections.

Cosmedics Skin Clinics has a team of skin treatment doctors and surgeons in their 5 skin clinics across London and Bristol led by Dr Ross Perry.

Call 020 7386 0464 or email  to book an appointment.


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