What Causes Skin Tags?

If you have skin tags you are probably wondering how you got them and what causes skin tags to appear on your body.

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Skin tag causes

They are caused by skin friction and rubbing in areas under the breasts, arms and in between legs and thighs. The neck is also a common area due to shirts rubbing. Your family history can be another cause of these skin lesions particularly if they occur around the eyes and eyelids.

Occasionally groin, genital and anal skin tags can occur that may be caused by a virus creating a warty skin tag.

During pregnancy skin tags can be quite common and  are perfectly safe to remove.

Even though the causes are not exactly known there are some theories. One possible reason is it can be passed on genetically from your family. Obesity is another factor that may cause skin tags as many people who are overweight seem to develop them.

Other causes are over active hormones during pregnancy that is a perfectly normal occurance and not have any medical consequences.

However, for some people they can be very embarrassing and have some negative psychological impact.

Whatever the cause of skin tags, they can appear at any age but are more common as we get older.

There are many options you can pursue to remove skin tags. You can get them surgically removed by your doctor at one of our six skin clinics that offer specialist same day treatments

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Fantastic treatment by Lydia, completely rejuvenated my skin!

Posted 2 days ago

Ally d

I felt like I wasn’t in safe hands with my Dr. I trusted her advise and had a simple, pain free procedure. Dr Vardi put me at ease and I would recommend the clinic to others.

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Fast and pain free. Georgia explained everything very clearly. Highly recommended!

Posted 5 days ago

William H

Saw Dr Turner who was very nice and so friendly. Very happy as she explained everything. It was all over so quickly and so relieved I took her advice for the no stitch option as can hardly tell there was a mole there.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Dania G

Very happy sun damage freckles now almost gone. thanks Lydia for being so patient with me

Posted 2 weeks ago

Lewis J

Had laser treatment for thread veins. Made my eyes water a bit but well worth it as now skin looks much healthier

Posted 2 weeks ago

Olivia N

Thanks for making me feel calm as was so nervous. Can’t believe it’s now gone and just so happy.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Claire M

Does what it says ! My skin is definitely benefiting from this as my rosacea is much better

Posted 2 weeks ago

Gail L

Been having regular Botox and just keeps my skin looking fresh. My 4 monthly treat.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Petra H

Amazing !!! Skin has never looked better.

Posted 2 weeks ago


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