Irish Examiner: Expert Advice on Skin Preparation

11 Nov 2019 | Category: Cosmetic

Irish Examiner has published a feature on skin and beauty looked at how to best prepare the skin. They asked Dr Ross Perry for his expert advice on the matter. 

The headline ran:

“Are you prepping your skin properly”

The feature suggested that skincare regimes have become more sophisticated, saying:

“Long gone are the days when we’d remove our make-up with a wipe, slap on the closest moisturiser and call it a day. Now, many of us pay close attention to our skincare regime, experimenting with different ways of keeping our skin aglow and plump.”

With colder weather drying out skin, preparation is a key issue in keeping skin hydrated so that makeup looks good and lasts well.

There are a plethora of regimes and strategies suggested, but Dr Ross Perry gave sensible advice based on his skin expertise:

“The best advice involves a bit of trial and error, or else a professional skin diagnosis to help you choose a suitable skincare regime.”

Skin Care Tips

The feature shares Dr Perry’s advice for the key skin preparation areas:


“Whatever products you choose, it is vitally important that the skin is thoroughly cleansed morning and evening to get rid of grime, sweat, oil and make-up. Any traces of cleanser should be removed before applying moisturiser and any serums, so the cleanser is not leaving a barrier.”


“Regular exfoliation is good for helping moisturisers and serums to penetrate.

“For some people, a daily exfoliating wash is ideal, whereas others find a daily cleansing lotion gentler, with a weekly scrub to loosen dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin. Alternatively, you could visit a beautician for a professional microdermabrasion or gentle peel – this would be less often as it’s a more intensive treatment.”


These are suggested:

“…for those with oily skin and more susceptible to breakouts, as toner contains high levels of alcohol to dry the skin out… getting rid of any extra excess dirt and impurities on the skin.

“It’s about finding one which works for your skin and may be a case of trial and error before you find the right one.”


“Always include an SPF in your morning regime year round. Don’t rely on what’s in the moisturiser, as that’s rarely adequate.”

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Dr Ross Perry

doctor ross perry

Ross qualified in 1994 at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, London. His career includes NHS skin cancer reconstruction, work as a GP, as well as private cosmetic skin treatments.

He established Cosmedics Skin Clinics in 2003 and remains in charge as Medical Director. He is renowned for natural-looking use of non-surgical cosmetic injections (BOTOX® Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Facial Fillers) and also very well known for dealing with unwanted skin lesions and blemishes (e.g. moles, cysts, warts skin tags).

Dr Ross Perry is frequently called upon by the media for his expert insights and comments on skin and beauty-related issues.


skin treatments

Cosmedics Skin Clinics

Cosmedics Skin Clinics was established in 2003. Cosmetic and medical skin treatments are carried out by specially trained team of doctors.

The company offer a full range of cosmetic treatments using top brand products, as well as medical and minor surgery skin treatments including mole removal, cysts, warts and skin tags; plus thread vein treatment for the face and legs.

The company has 5 clinics in London plus one in Bristol and work to a high clinical and aesthetic standard.

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