Anal skin tags are caused by the swelling of the pile or haemorrhoid externally causing the skin to stretch. Once the haemorrhoid shrinks people can often be left with anal skin tags. These anal skin tags can be treated by us separately, but you need a surgeon assessment to ideally diagnose what is the true cause of anal skin swelling.

Key symptoms on opening bowels

Haemorrhoid vs Skin Tag Checker for Protruding Anal skin

 Haemorrhoid Skin Tag Haemorrhoid + Skin tag Fissure (tear in the skin)
Bleeding on opening bowels Yes on paper, stool and in toilet Not commonYes on paper mainly or stool Yes
Pain on opening bowels Not common Not commonDiscomfort only not pain Yes sharp lasts for few hours
Swelling of skin or lump on opening bowels Yes Not commonYes No