Wart Removal – Your Options

Cosmedics logoWarts are extremely common all over the world, with wart removal taking place every single day. Whilst warts are extremely common and nearly always harmless, they can still be a nuisance, which is why wart removal treatment is used.

Professionals advocate Liquid Nitrogen as a highly successful approach to ridding us of troublesome warts and stopping them coming back.  The key to removing warts using Liquid Nitrogen is to freeze them, as this cuts off their blood supply, with them eventually falling off. Liquid Nitrogen supposedly has the properties to freeze warts, creating a small blister. The wart is frozen enough once it has become hard to touch. It will normally be covered with a plaster or small dressing and simply left to fall off in time.

At Cosmedics Skin ClinicsRoss Perry and his team pride themselves on achieving exactly what their clients are looking for, and their wart removal treatment is extremely effective.

Wart removal at Cosmedics starts at around £160, depending upon how many warts you need removed. As well as freezing warts with a Liquid Nitrogen spray; Cosmedics also offer minor surgery where warts are cut out.  This option is recommended if the wart is not in a suitable place to be frozen.  Cosmedics also offer laser wart removal, which is best for stubborn warts that fail to disappear with the other available wart treatments.


The Company has a network of Cosmedics Clinics in London and Bristol locations, offering several different treatments from face fillers to skin peels, as well as wart removal treatment and mole removal.

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