Wart Removal Demystified

Warts are never an easy thing to talk about. People who suffer from warts do not wish to bring any attention to them, and usually people who see them do not wish to discuss them either. Warts are small, non-cancerous growths within the skin caused by a viral infection within skin cells. The most common kinds of warts are mostly considered harmless, and will cause no effect to the health of the sufferer. Warts can be contagious, entering the body where the skin is broken. Although they typically disappear after a few months, they can last for much longer as some are recurring.

Removing the Warts

Although warts are on the whole completely harmless, they are unsightly, and can have psychological effects on the sufferer such as reduced confidence or lower self-esteem. Wart removal techniques have developed a great deal over the past few years, and are miles away from some of the ‘old wives tale’ remedies. There are two methods employed in wart removal, depending on the severity of the warts in question.

Cryotherapy Freezing

Many warts will be able to be removed using a cryotherapy freezing spray. The process is relatively pain free, and many patients will be able to carry on their daily activities following the treatment. If warts are particularly large or thick, laser surgery may be required. Laser surgery is more invasive, but still works in one session, with healing taking up to two weeks following this surgery. To rid yourself of these unsightly warts, visit your local clinic for wart removal in London.

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