Video Promotes Skin Cancer Checks

The American Academy of Dermatology has launched a campaign to encourage the public to make sure their skin is “Looking Good in 2016” by checking it for signs of skin cancer and protecting it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The campaign includes a video which promotes the idea of skin checking and features a man, as research has shown that males over the age of 50 have a higher risk of developing melanoma than the general population. The ad uses humour, encouraging men to get a partner to help:

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

The campaign is part of a month-long campaign by the American Academy of Dermatology which encourages the public to learn how to SPOT Skin Cancer™.

Identifying suspicious changes and blemishes in the skin is vital as president of the Academy, board-certified dermatologist, Brett M. Coldiron, MD, FAAD explains:

“When caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable.

“Despite this, many people don’t know how to be their own detective when it comes to skin cancer, including what to look for on their skin or when they should see a dermatologist.

“Although skin cancer is more common among people with light or fair skin, everyone is at risk of getting this life-threatening disease

“SPOT Skin Cancer™ encourages people to invest in their health and spot skin cancer early, when it is most treatable. If you see anything on your skin that is changing, itching or bleeding, you should make an appointment to see a board-certified dermatologist.”

UK Mole Checking and Treatment

Moles may be considered suspicious or concerning when they are ‘different’ to normal, which could encompass any of the following warning signals:

  • Asymmetry: unequal in shape
  • Border: ragged or blurry edges
  • Colour: unusual or patchy shades
  • Diameter: melanomas are usually greater than 6mm when diagnosed, but can be smaller
  • Evolving: if a mole is changing in any way that is of concern

In the UK, anybody who has concerns about a mole or skin blemish is advised to see their GP in the first instance. If there is a concern, referral should be rapid.

However, moles considered to be ‘cosmetic’ are now unlikely to be removed on the NHS.

Clinics such as Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer top to toe mole checks, mole consultations and private treatment for Mole Removal including laser mole removal, shave excision and ellipse excision surgery. All moles removed are tested.

Mole removal can usually be arranged on the same day as consultation, saving a repeat visit.

Skin Clinic Appointments

To book an appointment or enquire about our skin treatments in London or Bristol, please call Cosmedics’ team on 020 7386 0464 or email

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