Baby BOTOX® in the UK – Overview & Price

botox injectionDo you dream of looking refreshed and revitalized yet feel that ageing is preventing this?  The person that looks back at you from the mirror is not the real you?  You’re not alone. Many people feel this way about their looks, yet they are cautious about starting to use BOTOX® treatment, fearing that it may leave their faces looking “frozen”.

Baby BOTOX®” could provide the answer.  Of course, it’s not for babies or children. Instead, the term relates to a very gentle approach to administering BOTOX® so that instead of the results being a frozen or surprised look, the face looks soft and refreshed.

Baby BOTOX® was a term coined in America, as a result of celebrities wanting a natural-looking anti-ageing treatment; but one that the public wouldn’t necessarily know they’d had. As a result of more and more people, including celebrities, opting for baby BOTOX®, it’s been deemed the latest non-surgical cosmetic trend.

The main areas of the face that benefit from baby BOTOX® are the sides of the eyes, where crow’s feet appear, as well as frown lines. These problems can therefore be corrected by baby BOTOX®, without the need for several different BOTOX® injections all the time; the key to baby BOTOX® is little and often.

The BOTOX® cost is around £250, but it very much depends on how much work you have done, and how regularly. Often deemed as a non-surgical facelift by those who have had the wrinkle treatment, baby BOTOX® is the answer to those annoying little lines and wrinkles.

Patients can eradicate those signs of ageing by visiting the Cosmedics clinics, based in various different locations in London and Bristol. Dr Ross Perry and his team at Cosmedics pride themselves on listening carefully to their patients’ requirements and achieving the exact results they are after.

In the same way a trip to the hairdressers revitalises you and makes you feel good about yourself, a quick trip to Cosmedics will do exactly the same.  After all, something doesn’t become such a popular trend for no reason…

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