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Mole Removal with Dr Bella Smith

“I had a 2 cm mole removed from my back by Dr Bella on 4th February and everything was done fantastic. Recommend this clinic from my bottom of my heart because I was scared to do this surgery.”


Mole Removal Results 1 Year Later

Just a quick email to say thank you!

It’s been a year now and I was looking over old Facebook photos, really happy with the result!

Many thanks,



Facial Mole Removal

I would like to recommend Dan & the team at the Bristol clinic, for their approachability, professionalism & excellent care.

I had a large mole removed from my nose, which had increased over the years, & had become unsightly. It was a painless & quick procedure, with brilliant results.

I can’t recommend Dan enough. His attention to detail & reassurance instantly puts you at ease.

Thank you so much Cosmedics.

Mole Removal

I had my mole excised yesterday, and I just want to say I was so impressed and Dr Ross Perry did an excellent job. Felt very comfortable and looked after.

Andrea Hoffman

Younger Looking Passport Photos

Today, I had some passport pics done as I need to renew it. And, comparing today’s pics and the one from ten years ago, I noticed something strange…I look 1) better 2) the same age (or even slightly younger) in today’s pics than the decade old one!

Admittedly, I don’t look great but hey, they’re passport pics, it’s the law to look not great – but what has changed…

Well , I lost some weight, which helps. But the main diff is me finding Doctor Ross and team. Dr Ross’ amazing light touch with botox and fillers (I get my lips done regularly and botox / marionette lines sometimes), and facials from the lovely team at Putney (alas not as often as I’d like, due to distance) make me look a good decade younger than I am which is particularly impressive given I like a lake of wine and the odd ciggie now and again.

Also, Dr Ross’ great judgement in how much is enough is a factor. Left to my own devices, I’d have lips entering the room five minutes before the rest of me but I bow to his superior judgement and they’re perfect.

I would give up non essentials like food, lighting, heating and my house before I’d give up my Cosmedics treatments.

PS Please feel free to use my comments wherever you like, just please don’t use my full name as some people – including my new man – don’t know I have work done..!

Natural Looking Botox

I had botox and was very very pleased with the result and completely trust Dan, he gives you a very natural look all the staff are very friendly!

K Tozer, Treatment with Mr Dan Thio

“I wish I had it done years ago!”

I visited the Cosmedics Skin Clinic in Putney to have a small mole removed from my face. The staff were unbelievably friendly and accommodating. Dr Perry preformed the removal and he was great throughout the entire procedure. I had a thorough consultation with him before the treatment, which included him examining the mole and asking me various questions. He then explained what the procedure would involve and how best to look after the area post-treatment. The treatment itself was very quick and relatively painless (the only slight pain I experienced came from the aesthetic injection). The whole procedure took under 10 minutes and I was incredibly happy with the results! The removal so quick an easy that I wish I had done it years ago! I can’t recommend the Cosmedics Skin Clinics team enough.

Sophie, via WhatClinic

Mole Removal

I would just like to leave some lovely feedback I had a large raised mole removed of my right cheek 4 weeks ago and I just can’t get over how lovely and relaxed the whole experience was.

Dr Perry removed my mole who was absolutely lovely and made me feel at ease, like many I was very worried too about the scarring as it being quite large and on my face, but I’m over the moon with the end result you can hardly notice at all. It’s given me so much more confidence I feel great now mr moley moley has now gone :-) ))

Thank you soooo much I can’t thank you enough, one very happy lady

Thank you Dr Perry & your lovely team

Mand, London

Skin Tag Removal

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to your team in Bristol. I recently attended the surgery to have several skin tags removed and found the process so quick, painless and effective that I have already been back to have more removed. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Lee, Bristol

Mole Removal

I would like to take the time to thank Dr Bella Smith. I am so very happy with the result! It has healed really well and it looks really good. Please pass on this message to her. Thank you,

Becky, London

Bristol Mole Removal

I would just like to say that I had a mole removed on my face in Bristol (earlier message left by myself just after the procedure) and it’s only been a couple of months but I can’t see any scar , only when I shine a really bright light onto my face with no make up on but my husband can’t notice it at all.

Sarah, Bristol

Facial Mole Removal

I need to write to say thank you so much to doctor for removing my mole last Saturday. It was such an enjoyable experience. I was greeted by a lovely man who gave me coffee in the very plush waiting room. The doctor was so relaxed and professional. We talked through the whole process of all my options and I was given all the time I needed. We decided that a shave excision was the best for me.

I would say to anyone if you are in doubt or think they may hack your face to pieces (which I did,!) TRUST HIM. The whole process is over in five minutes and does not hurt at all. It’s now Thursday and it has healed over so well. I kept the area covered with Vaseline which you do for about a week and after that you are mole free! I wish I knew about this clinic years ago.

THANK you so much!

Sarah S, Bristol Clinic, April 2014

Facial Wart Removal

I would just like to thank you and the team for providing me with such a professional service.

So far, everything has healed well and I am just hoping for no reappearance of the beard chin warts I had!

Harley Street Clinic, London, February 2014

Mole Removal

Well, what can I say…… The results are life changing and I really can’t express my gratitude enough.

The mole removal was relatively painless, there have been no complications and minimal scarring, and the small degree of ‘pinkness’ is fading every day.

I really can’t praise you all highly enough.

I had a really good chat with Acsha and another lady who’s name I didn’t get and they really were so helpful and informative.

I will most certainly be back as I’m very interested in the chemical peels and will certainly be booking an appointment to discuss this further.

Again, many thanks and I shall call Ascha in the next few weeks to banish those fine lines and wrinkles!!!

Steven, London, December 2013

Mole Removal

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my mole removal – it has healed up so amazingly well in just two weeks that you can hardly tell that it was ever there.

Would you kindly tell Dr. Perry that all is very well and I am delighted with the treatment.

Many thanks,

Mo, London November 2013

Laser Skin Tightening

Having done a bit of research in laser treatments I decided to try the Cosmedics NIR. There are so many laser treatments available it’s hard to chose. For me, I liked the idea that red light therapy is used for healing wounds and scars. Also, this treatment did not require a lot of my time. I attended for 6 sessions at 3 week intervals. The treatment, yes is slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

I saw a difference immediately. I got home and my husband too could see the plumpness in my face. Although the fullness does go down somewhat, the texture of my skin remains feeling much stronger and firmer. The other reason I chose this treatment is because it is one of the few treatments available for improving jawline and jowls. I am generally a person who finds it difficult to keep things up, however I will definitely be turning up once a quarter to have the recommended periodic treatments. The difference has been noticeable enough for many friends to have commented. I have recommended this treatment to all my friends some of whom will try it for others the cost will be prohibitive although I know there are times when cosmedics do have offers.

All of this about the treatment, which of course would be useless for it not for the professionals who administer it. The staff at cosmedics are really what makes the environment so welcoming and relaxed. They are knowledegable and always happy to answer questions on the vast array of treatments and products available. I am so pleased we have a place locally in Putney of this high standard. It saves me having to trek over to Harley Street (where they do have a branch).

Yesmin, London, November 2013

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Superb natural results.

I highly recommend Cosmedics for your first time or if you need that special attention to get the soft result that no one notices.

The doctors are among the best there are. They are a really friendly lot and will look after you so well.

Mary Jane London 1/12/12


Truly exceptional results.

I can’t quite believe it has worked so well.

I no longer suffer with over sweating and my daily life has been transformed.

Thank you so much.!!

Duncan P.


Mole Removal

So glad my mole has gone. I wished I had done it sooner as it was not nearly a big deal as I thought. Cosmedics really did a wonderful job and so professional that I really could not see any mark and that was only 2 weeks later!

Mark Savage London

To see Marks mole removal by laser surgery view video



acne-scarring-after-dermaroller-fillersAcne-scarringDermaroller for Acne Scarring

“I can’t thank the doctors and staff at Cosmedics enough.

“Having suffered since my teenage years with severe acne that no doctors took seriously only to leave me with bad acne scars it was only when a friend mentioned new treatments that I contacted Cosmedics.

“Right from the start the treatment plan the doctors devised seemed wonderfully simple and within my comfort zone to try.

“The results are better than I could ever have imagined”

Jean Pierre 10/6/12


HD Brows

I have been converted to HD Brows! They shaped my messy over-plucked brows with threading, waxing plucking and actually made them look fuller with a tint and a nice arch. I’m so pleased and can’t wait to come back next month when a bit more has regrown!

Isabel C, Jan 2013

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Very Professional and friendly staff. Procedure was quick and pain free. Would absolutley recommend this clinic!

Posted 1 day ago


I have now had two rather large and unsightly moles removed by Dr Aoife Turner. In terms of results, whilst too early to say re second mole, it seems to be healing nicely and given the impeccable results of the first removal, I have every faith that this one will follow suit. The procedure for each was over in no time at all and Dr Turner was both acutely professional and pleasant.

Posted 3 days ago


Very professional service, quick and pain-free procedure. Beautiful clinic and welcoming staff. Thank you!

Posted 4 days ago


Excellent quick professional service would highly recommend !

Posted 4 days ago


Great result thank you

Posted 1 week ago


Thank you for your help and superb care

Posted 1 week ago


Great customer experience!

Posted 1 week ago


Lovely staff and excellent treatment / results

Posted 1 week ago


Very happy with the result I got after years of putting it off, finally getting my wart on my finger removed feels amazing.

Posted 1 week ago


I felt immediately welcomed in reception, looked after as I waited for my appointment and was given a very thorough and professional procedure by Dr Perry. I was delighted and would definitely recommend Cosmedics based on my experience.

Posted 2 weeks ago


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