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Most patients find they seek medical attention after suffering in silence with warts for months and even years. The commonest reason people delay seeking expert advice is because they are told:

  • They will just go in time – sadly not the case
  • Chemist treatments are the only options – incorrect
  • NHS does not treat warts – unfortunately correct

What is the best wart treatment?

The best treatments for warts depend on the wart and its position on the body.

  • Topical creams – takes months, only useful for small thin warts
  • Freezing – more effective than creams but takes multiple treatments.
  • Laser surgery – the most effective, removes wart in single session in most cases.

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Treatment Information

Treatment Options


For plantar warts (verruca), acid creams from the chemist are a first step.

If this does not work then our doctors can offer to freeze or laser them off.

Facial Warts

These more commonly occur in men around the chin and mouth area as the warts flare up due to shaving.

The best treatment is laser surgery.

Finger/Hand Warts Removal

For finger and hand warts which are common in adults as well as children, treatments include acid remedies from the chemist alongside paring down and covering in duct tape.

A quicker option is freezing and/or laser surgery.

At home wart removal is a daily regime that needs to be done for 4-6 weeks:

  1. Pare down the wart daily with emery board or sandpaper until all the dead skin has been removed
  2. Apply OCCULSAL cream ( can get from chemist) as this is the strongest
  3. Apply DUCT tape or a plaster over the area this helps to keep the wart moist so the cream can penetrate

If this is ineffective, then cryotherapy (freezing) or laser surgery may offer a faster alternative.

Many of our patients have already tried home removal techniques before finding our services.

What our patients say

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Wonderful service and knowledgable Doctor. Had 3 moles removed via shave. Have been back for check ups since and so pleased I’ve had it done. Wish I’d done it sooner. Now looking at other treatments with them too.

Posted 11 hours ago

Mari G

Great experience , nice staff !

Posted 1 day ago


Dr Perry is very professional and always considers the best treatment for his clients. He creates a natural look aiming to enhance features as opposed to overdoing it. I would highly recommend him, especially if it’s your first treatment or if you have any concerns.

Posted 2 days ago

Anna B

Dr Perry is absolutely fantastic

Posted 2 days ago


Fast, efficient and high quality service. Dr Perry always puts me at ease, answers any questions I have and puts my mind at ease before and after the procedure. A very happy return patient 😊

Posted 2 days ago



Posted 3 days ago

Hilary B

Dr Vardy was brilliant, removed a mole on my face that I had for years, I was very worried but she put me at ease, no scarring, amazing, would highly recommend Cosmedics.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Helen F

Didn't realise how much better I would feel, wish I had had this done years ago, Dr Perry is excellent.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Linda S

Fantastic results after having a Hydrafacial. I have now booked a course of treatments and am already looking forward to the next one.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Linda S

Fantastic results after having a Hydrafacial. I have now booked a course of treatments and am already looking forward to the next one.

Posted 3 weeks ago


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