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Innovative approach

Innovative approach to treating stubborn and unsightly varicose veins


ClariVein® treatment for varicose veins is now available at our London Vein Treatment Centres based in Harley Street and Putney

ClariVein® is an innovative approach to treating stubborn and unsightly varicose veins by combining two treatment approaches in one for a fast and effective treatment with a superior result compared to more traditional surgical treatments.

The treatment can be carried out as a ‘day case’ so there is no hospital stay and patients can return straight to normal activities.

How it works:

ClariVein® treatment is delivered using a soft and fine catheter which goes into the affected vein, where it delivers a mechanical action to damage the vein together with a chemical to further the destruction of the ugly blue/purple vein.

  1. The unique rotating ball dispersion tip of the catheter rotates within the vein at approximately 3500 rpm, causing it to spasm
  2. As the catheter is withdrawn, a special chemical is delivered into the vein which works to seal it

The treatment is very accurate, as it is carried out using ultrasound to guide the catheter to exactly the right place.

ClariVein® is highly effective in removing varicose veins and also reduces the risk of them returning in the future.

How it works - illustration

The ClariVein® catheter is introduced into the vein under ultrasound guidance.

This is done through a tiny incision and the catheter is threaded along the length of the vein to be treated.

clarivein step 1

Once in the correct position, the rotating tip of the catheter is set in motion, which sensitises and damages the lining of the vein.

At the same time, a sclerosant drug is sprayed from the tip of the catheter and causes the vein to close.

The device is pulled back along the vein to treat the full length required.

clarivein step 2

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Treatment Time

45-90 minutes

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Recovery Time

2-3 days

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Removal of unsightly veins

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Results Duration


Initial consultation and ultrasound scan£150 *
Follow up consultations after treatment£95
Vein Removal TreatmentsCost from
ClariVein varicose vein treatmentfrom £1,895
Other Varicose Vein Treatment Options
EVLA Endovenous Laser Ablation – 1 leg, 1 vein£1,650
Foam sclerotherapy injections£500
Microsurgical vein removalfrom £500

Varicose vein consultation and treatment costs

Your initial consultation includes a comprehensive examination as well as a duplex ultrasound scan which is performed at the same consultation to show us exactly where the problem veins are so that treatment options can be fully discussed with the surgeon.

All consultations, ultrasound scans and treatments are carried out at our London Vein Clinics, so there is no need for a separate appointment elsewhere.

At Cosmedics we feel strongly that each person should be able to get these treatments at an affordable cost in a suitable setting and with exceptional care standards. Our prices are very affordable compared to other clinics but with no compromise on the quality of service and care.

Exact treatment cost can vary depending on the veins and technique used. A specific quotation will be given at consultation by our vascular surgeon.

How Do I Book an Appointment?

Our medical advisors would be happy to make an appointment for you:

The consultation fee is payable on booking. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

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ClariVein® FAQ – questions and answers

How can I book a ClariVein consultation?

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There are a number of ways to book:

Why do I have to pay for a ClariVein consultation?

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Your varicose vein consultation is carried out by the Vascular Surgeon who would perform the actual treatment. This is a very thorough medical consultation and includes a duplex scan to determine the exact nature of your veins. Charging a consultation fee reflects the time and expertise involved. In addition, paying for the consultation separately means that there is no pressure to go ahead with treatment unless and until you’re completely ready and happy to do so.

Do I need a general anaesthetic for the ClariVein treatment?

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No, general anaesthesia is not required. This is an in-clinic procedure carried out under local anaesthetic.

Do I need to stay overnight after ClariVein?

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ClariVein treatment is non-invasive and uses local not general anaesthetic. Patients do not need to be admitted into hospital, it is carried out in our clinics. There is no need for an overnight stay as recovery is very quick. Patients can walk out of the clinic unaided to return home same day.

Is ClariVein painful?

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Compared to alternative surgical treatments such as vein stripping, ClariVein is less invasive and virtually pain free.

Our Vascular Surgeon will use a single injection of local anaesthetic to numb the skin where the ClariVein device is inserted into the vein. This makes the procedure completely comfortable throughout.

Can I drive after ClariVein treatment?

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Yes, there is no restriction to driving at all. You can even drive yourself home as long as you feel comfortable to do so.

Following surgery, it is actually suggested is to keep the foot mobile by moving it as if you were pushing the clutch on a car.

Does ClariVein treatment cause bruising?

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There is definitely a likelihood of bruising to the legs after ClariVein treatment, although individual responses do vary and some clients have relatively little in the way of bruises.

Any bruising would generally be hidden by support garments for the first couple of weeks. It tends to fade quickly.

Do I need compression stockings after ClariVein?

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You should expect to wear compression garments over the treated area for a week after any dressings are removed. We will recommend suitable stockings for you to wear during your recovery. These are easily hidden with clothing (i.e. trousers, long skirt).

You will be given full advice on this during your consultation appointment, prior to treatment.

Is there a risk of burns with ClariVein?

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ClariVein does not use heat to treat the vein, so there is no risk of burns.

How long do I need to take off work after ClariVein?

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Most patients can plan to return to work the next day after ClariVein. We will discuss your work/lifestyle during our consultation and will advise on any appropriate restrictions.

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