Juvéderm® VOLBELLA

One of the Juvéderm® range of longer lasting facial fillers

Contains local anaesthetic - virtually painless

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With lip enhancement now one of the top uses of injectable dermal fillers, this product was specifically designed to allow doctors to sculpt an enhanced lip shape for their patients with very precise and accurate control over a super-fine needle.

The gel lip filler formulation was especially designed to be smooth in use, ensuring that it feels soft and natural in the lips.

Juvéderm® VOLBELLA® is can help to improve and enhance the lips in a number of ways:

  • juvederm volbella logofill in lip lines
  • smooth away smokers’ lines
  • add volume for a more attractive lip shape
  • address imbalance between top and bottom lip
  • sculpt the lips to achieve an aesthetic result e.g. cupid’s bow, fuller lips
  • treat down-turned mouth or marionette lines
  • provide hydration and moisture due to the hyaluronic acid, helping to improve dried out lips

At Cosmedics Skin Clinics, filler injections are only done by skilled and experienced GMC-Registered doctors who are trained in advanced techniques for excellent results with minimum discomfort or downtime.


Treatment Information

Juvéderm® VOLBELLA® prices are as follows:

Cost of Treatment
Lip Enhancement £420

Lip Filler Doctor Consultation

A lip filler consultation with one of our expert doctors costs £50.

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

Consultations and treatment are available in our London or Bristol clinics.

Advanced Lip Enhancement

Juvéderm® VOLBELLA sets the gold standard in lip filler products:

  1. Results have been proven to last up to 12 months, significantly longer than ‘standard’ lip filler results. At this point, treatment can be repeated.
  2. Unique Vycross technology means that VOLBELLA offers less swelling compared to other lip filler products.
  3. The addition of Lidocaine means that the product contains a local anaesthetic. Even though the lip area is notoriously sensitive and delicate, patients report that the injecting experience is comfortable and pain-free.
  4. Juvéderm® VOLBELLA is a hyaluronic acid based product, which naturally retains water many times it’s own weight, which means that it not only adds volume but also hydration and moisture within the skin; making it an ideal choice for replenishing or adding volume and moisturisation to the lip area.
  5. VOLBELLA has high rates of patient satisfaction. A study by the manufacturers (Allergan) states:

“98% of people who had Juvéderm® VOLBELLA with Lidocaine reported that their lip appearance goals had been achieved”

VYCROSS™ Technology with Lidocaine

Juvéderm® VOLBELLA incorporates Allergan’s patented “VYCROSS™ technology”, which makes it smooth to inject and creates a natural look and feel.

Volbella uses Vycross technology, improving the hyaluronic acid cross-linking of the gel to be injected. The uniqueness of this technological improvement results in less water absorption, and therefore less swelling than previous fillers. More natural and longer-lasting results are the effects of this new process.

What our patients say

4.95 Average

334 Reviews


Amazing facial with Lydia. So relaxing and my skin feels fresh and renewed.

Posted 4 hours ago


Amazing results. Thank you Anna

Posted 2 weeks ago

Lesley F

Thank you for a beautifully relaxing facial I almost fell asleep and my skin feels amazing . I will defiantly be back because I deserve to treat myself . Thank you also for your advice about caring for my skin.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Melanie T

Excellent best facial for ages. I will be back!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Rebecca D

Dr Vardy is fantastic, she talked me through each step of the procedure and I am incredibly happy with the results. I was a little nervous about it but she gave me great advice and is incredibly professional.

Posted 1 month ago

Grace M

Had a hydradermie facial done with Lydia and was very pleased with the service and professionalism I received from her. I would definitely recommend her as a racialist

Posted 1 month ago


Lovely doctor , explained all my options and we agreed on the best one for me. I had two moles removed on the same day as my appointment and I was done in twenty minutes. I would defiantly recommend Dr Vardy as the procedure was quick and painless

Posted 2 months ago


I had a small mole on the face that I was thinking of removing for a good few years. I had an appointment with Dr Todman and she and her assistant were very nice and professional, they explained everything I needed to know about the mole shaving treatment. I decided to do the treatment on the same day and it was the right decision. I am very happy with the result, the mole is removed and I dont have any scars. I highly recommend Dr Todman.

Posted 2 months ago


I have had a number of moles removed including one on my face that I was incredibly nervous about but I had no reason to be. Dr Perry did an excellent job of each one. I wouldn’t trust anyone else but him. Thank you Dr Perry!

Posted 2 months ago


I had my treatment for a mole to be removed on Tuesday 8th jan at the Bristol surgery and it was great. The mole centred on my forehead just between my eyes had been knocking my confidence for years but with in 20 mins it was gone,no pain and very little bleeding,4 days on it looks amazing,can’t wait to see it in another 4 weeks,thank you so much everyone x

Posted 2 months ago



0 thoughts on “Juvéderm® VOLBELLA®

  1. I had my lips tattooed about 5yrs ago in order to give them more definition as they were extremely thin and pale. It has now left me with even lighter, thinner lips due to scarring around the edge. I am now 56yrs but look much older due to my lips. Would an advance lip filler correct this in any way?

    1. From your description, it does sound like lip fillers could help, as they would boost the volume in your lips, making them look fuller (but still natural). However, as there is scarring from a previous treatment, you may wish to send in a photo for our doctor to provide more personalised guidance. You can email a photo in confidence to info@cosmedics.co.uk and we’ll reply with some individual advice which hopefully you’ll find helpful in advance of a face-to-face consultation appointment.

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