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For Underarm Hyperhidrosis

hyperhidrosisIf you suffer with embarrassing excessive underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis then a Botox treatment may help you.

All patients notice that after having the treatment they will help regain their confidence in wearing what they like but also don’t have the anxiety of worrying about when the next damp patch will appear.

Botox injections work by stopping the sweat glands over firing and producing too much sweat. There is no effect on sweating elsewhere as it is a targeted treatment for small localized areas such as the underarms, hands or head.

All our treatments are performed by doctors in a safe medical setting in one of our London or Bristol clinics.

The results last for up to 6-7 months with repeat treatments often lasting longer.

Prices for botox treatments

Botox for sweating treatment costs £500 for men and women. Most clinics charge far more for the same results, but Cosmedics’ specialist doctors offer this treatment to a large number of regular patients.



Treatment Information

Botox for Sweating Treatment Costs

Treatment Area Cost
Underarms (both) £500
Hands (both) £550
Other areas (on request) POA

Prices for Botox consultation

Consultations with our doctors are normally £50.

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

More Information About Botox

The botulinum toxin can also be used for a variety of different medical procedures given its unique properties. These unique elements allow the toxin to target specific neuromuscular junctions in the acetylcholine pathway. This pathway is only used by muscle and sweat gland receptors. This means the action can be so specific to molecular level.

Certain areas where botox injections are now used are, muscle spasms in neck and eye areas, bladder instability by relaxing the detrusor muscle to help alleviate an overactive bladder, back pain to help ease the accessory muscles, jaw bruxism to aid the relaxation of lock jaw and some cases it has been know to help plantar fasciatis on the soles of the feet. It has also been shown to help in the treatment of migraines.

Botox for Anti-Ageing

The most well-known use of botox is in the treatment of wrinkles, where it relaxes the muscles so the overlying skin relaxes and looks smoother and younger.

Other areas of botox use are in research and treatment for bladder problems, headaches (migraines) and some areas of pain control.

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Why Choose This Treatment?

Botox for hyperhidrosis is a life changing treatment that enables people to have confidence in wearing normal clothes and not having to wear padding or change their shirts during the day.

What our patients say

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I am very happy with my treatment done by Anna Zajac.

Posted 1 month ago


It was not like facials I have had before but the end result is great. Thank you Anna my lovely therapist.

Posted 1 month ago


Very good service ! happy with the service and the treatment

Posted 1 month ago


Anna is always so meticulous and professional. I am so pleased with the results as it has made a huge difference.

Posted 1 month ago

Hannah C

I cannot believe the difference in my laser hair removal treatment under my chin caused by PCOS. I’m only on my fourth treatment out of six and I feel so much better, it’s as if there is no hair at all. My confidence is coming back! Thank you so much to Lydia for contributing so much to this! The reception team have always been lovely and accommodating. Thanks Cosmedics Skin Clinics UK.

Posted 1 month ago


Highly recommend Dr Perry. Had botox and fillers and the results are amazing. He is very informative and explains everything before he does the treatment. Will definitely be returning for future treatments.

Posted 1 month ago

Linda M

I have had my eyebrows micro-bladed by the lovely Sienna- only been a few days so they haven’t settled down yet but so far looking really good! Brilliant staff member, very friendly and chatty Definitely go and get them done here! 😎

Posted 1 month ago


Great staff, brilliant results, so happy i’ve used Cosmedics. I would recommend this to everyone. Ana is brilliant, very thorough, really friendly and a lot of fun.

Posted 1 month ago


Excellent treatment. Anna is always very patient and makes me feel comfortable. She always explains the treatment to make me feel at ease. Very happy with the results so far.

Posted 1 month ago


Had a shave excision done with Dr Vardy twice so far - both were effortless and I’m so pleased with the result. She takes the time to explain everything and made me feel at ease. Won’t see anyone else for this procedure in the future!

Posted 1 month ago


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