Do you have small protruding lumps of skin appearing on your body that look similar to warts? If you do, one possibility is that you are suffering from skin tags. If you’ve never heard this term before then you’re probably asking yourself, “What are skin tags?

The first thing you need to know is that a skin tag is not harmful to your health. They are simply a very common skin condition that is more a cosmetic nuisance rather than a medical problem. If you left them alone, nothing bad would happen to you. Of course, if they are in a prominent visual position they can be a cause of anxiety and embarrassment.

If you’re embarrassed about the way you look because of skin tags or you simply want to learn more about what skin tags are then this site will provide you with answers to your questions. These flaps of skin can show up almost anywhere. In the armpits, breasts, chest, neck, eyelids, and many more places. And don’t think that there is something wrong with you if you have more than one. Many people have several skin tags and have had them for years.

If you have skin tags, you will know that skin tags themselves do not hurt. However, one of the worst aspects of tags is that they can get irritated if they are rubbed, especially from the daily knocking clothes up against them.

There are several treatments for skin tags and they can vary in their results. At our Cosmedics clinics our doctors will not only examine them to ensure they are skin tags but can also remove then at the same appointment.

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