Self-Image Linked to Skin Cancer

mole close upFeeling ‘Ugly’ Can Increase Risks

Researchers have shown that there is a link between feeling unhappy with your looks and increased risk of skin cancer.

It is thought that people who believe they are unattractive are more likely to put their skin at risk by:

  • more time spent basking in the sun
  • less likely to use sunscreen

Researchers said that this connection could be due to caring less about their health, but could also be due to seeking a tan in order to improve looks.

While the dangers of over-exposure to the sun are now relatively well-known, there are still millions of people who don’t take sufficient precautions.

Problem Moles

Having a suspicious mole can be the first alert for many people and doctors at Cosmedics Skin Clinics advocate a regular top-to-toe mole check to look for the signs of changing moles. This could be asymmetry of the mole, uneven borders, an unusual colour or tone, a large size or any changes in the moles size, shape or behaviour.

A doctor should see any suspicious moles straightaway to rule out any need for concern. Suspicious moles will be removed by the NHS and further advice and treatment given as necessary.

Cosmetic Moles

Thankfully, most moles are not ‘suspicious’ and therefore not of medical concern. These can be safely and quickly removed by doctors in private clinics such as Cosmedics Skin Clinics.

Mole Removal Surgery

Cosmedics’ team of doctors offer mole surgery using a variety of techniques. Laser mole treatment is popular for smaller lesions as it is quick, pain-free and minimises scarring. For larger moles, surgery is usually the best option with shave excision or ellipse excision (with stitches).

All moles are tested as a matter of course and a full histology report gives peace of mind even when there was no need for concern.

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