New Video: EVLT Varicose Veins Treatment/Results

17 Aug 2017 | Category: Medical

Cosmedics Skin Clinics have published a new video, showing a patient’s experience of varicose vein treatment using the EVLT/EVLA laser treatment at the company’s London Vein Treatment Centre. 

The video follows the story of Murray, a man whose cycling hobby makes him fit and healthy, but who struggles with the appearance of bulging varicose veins.  Cycling does not cause varicose veins, but cyclists can find that lower body fat makes them more visible; while of course, wearing cycling shorts exposes the problem to public scrutiny.

Murray visited Cosmedics’ London Vein Treatment Centre for a consultation and ultrasound scan of his varicose veins with Vascular Surgeon Mr Parameswaran Sridhar MBBS, FRCS.

He then had same day Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) varicose vein treatment and was able to walk straight out of the clinic after the procedure, which is as straightforward as it is high tech.

Video: EVLA/EVLT Varicose Veins

Treatments and Review, London

Patient Review of EVLA/EVLT

Cyclist Murray says:

“The procedure itself only took an hour or so and now I’m all bandaged up and ready to go and get on with the rest of my day.”

“The procedure that they do at Cosmedics for treating varicose veins is really state of the art. The doctor is a specialist who clearly know what he’s doing and the whole procedure is really quite painless and I’d highly recommend it to anyone else.

“I don’t think I realised quite how ugly my leg looked beforehand, but I’m really pleased with the fact that it’s been treated and it now just looks perfectly normal.”

Before and After Photos

before after laser varicose veins

About EVLA

EVLA stands for Endovenous Laser Ablation. EVLT is another word for the same procedure and stands for Endovenous Laser Therapy.

The laser treatment is a new technique for treating varicose veins. The treatment uses a special and superfine probe which delivers laser energy directly into the affected veins. The problem veins are then destroyed and blood flows through other, healthier veins.

Success rate is 95%+, much better than traditional surgery. However, the procedure also appeals for convenience, as the treatment takes around an hour with no unpleasant recovery or overnight stay required. Clients can attend Cosmedics on a walk-in/walk-out basis.

More information:

EVLA Endovenous Laser Ablation

SridarMr Parameswaran Sridhar MBBS, FRCS

Mr Parameswaran Sridhar has worked at Cosmedics Skin Clinics for a number of years offering private treatment varicose veins. He is a highly respected and experienced Vascular Surgeon, who has developed his own techniques for even better results.


Cosmedics’ new Vein Treatment Centre in Putney, London offers treatment for varicose veins,  including laser, foam sclerotherapy, microsclerotherapy and micro surgery / phlebectomy.

Veins are very varied, so by offering a wide array of treatment solutions, patients can be confident of getting the right result.

The right treatment programme is determined at a private consultation with a top vascular surgeon who carries out an ultrasound scan completed at the same appointment for precise diagnosis without time consuming referrals and separate appointments.

Varicose Vein treatment and consultations are only available at Cosmedics’ Vein Treatment Centre in Putney, South West London.

Microsclerotherapy and laser treatment for smaller thread veins and spider veins are available at all of Cosmedics’ Skin Clinics.

Call 020 7386 0464 or email for an appointment.

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