New Mesotherapy Facial at Putney Beauty Salon

Ultimate Hydration Mesotherapy Facial

Cosmedics Beauty Salon are pleased to announce the launch of their exclusive mesotherapy facial, designed to deliver outstanding hydration for soft and glowing skin – ideal to help sun damaged skin recover it’s vitality ready to face the winter.

The facial works on the principles of mesotherapy, using a series of many tiny injections into the skin in order to nourish it with the necessary vitamins and/or water-retaining hyaluronic acid. The injections go where skin creams cannot reach for a long-lasting delivery of vital solution, leaving skin looking fresh, healthy, glowing and revitalised; yet mesotherapy has an added benefit too, in that the act of breaking the skin’s surface with a fine needle kick-starts cell renewal and growth processes for firmer, more youthful skin that lasts.

The Ultimate Hydration Mesotherapy Facial goes further than just injecting, as before meso injections, the skin is prepared using a carefully chosen gentle peel to exfoliate any dead skin cells. The two techniques work in harmony together for soft and radiant skin.

Putney Beauty Salon

Cosmedics Beauty offer an extensive range of exclusive facials at the Putney beauty salon. In addition to their exclusive Mesotherapy facial, they also offer popular Murad facials for the face or body.

All facials and beauty treatments are carried out by fully trained therapists in a beautifully appointed clinic which is located just off the high street.

Please contact us to enquire about availability and book your appointment.

Telephone: 0208 246 4866


Clinic: Cosmedics Beauty, 4 Disraeli Road, Putney, London, SW15 2DS.

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