Skin Treatment Prices

Costs for Popular Procedures

At Cosmedics, we believe in showing the costs of all our procedures as clearly as possible. 

Prices often vary depending on the individual scale of the area being treated, so we indicate more detailed costs of treatment on the relevant treatment page and include a summary below.

Prices are also subject to confirmation at consultation, after a doctor has had the opportunity to examine you and discuss what you’re trying to achieve.

If you can’t find the cost you are looking for, wish to discuss your treatment further, or simply want to book your consultation, please contact us.

For individual advice, you can also send a photo of the area of concern to Please describe the treatment you are looking for and we’ll ask a doctor to take a look.

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Treatment Prices

Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ prices are outlined below.

Cosmetic & Medical Skin Treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatmentfrom £275
Dermal fillersfrom £420
Lip filler treatmentfrom £420
Excessive sweating treatment from £500


Day Case Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Procedures

 Surgery Cost
Thread lift treatment from £800
Upper blepharoplasty price for BOTH eyes £2,750
Brow LiftPOA - Subject to confirmation at your consultation
Carpal tunnel treatment£2,000


Lesion Removal

Mole removalfrom £345
Mole check£190
Cyst/lipoma removalfrom £500
Skin tag removal (small/simple) from £250
Skin tag removal (large/multiple) from £345
Wart removal using either laser or surgery or combination of bothfrom £345
Verruca treatmentfrom £345
Genital (vaginal/penile) wart removalfrom £500
Anal skin tag removalfrom £750
Xanthelasma treatmentfrom £850
Consultation* £50*


Thread Veins

Thread Vein Removal costs per session Cost
Consultation £50 *
Facial thread vein removal (laser)from £350
Venous lake treatment from £350
Leg thread vein removal (injection sclerotherapy)from £300
Leg thread vein removal (laser)from £350
Haemangiomas/blood blisters/red dots on the body from £350


Varicose Vein Treatment

Treatment1 Leg2 Legs
Initial consultation and ultrasound scan£200£200
Varicose vein removal foam sclerotherapy injection £550£750
Microsurgical vein removal from £500from £500
EVLA (laser)£2,150£2,650
Venablock / Glue*£2,150£2,650
Follow up consultations after treatment£175£175



Consultation with Colorectal Consultant£295
Consultation follow up (proctoscopy included in follow ups)£250
Haemorrhoid Treatments
Rafaelo procedure£2,225
Anal skin tag fromPOA
Anal fissure small£550
Anal fissure large£750

All prices are subject to confirmation at consultation.

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