Thread Vein Removal

Treatment for Visible Veins on The Face or Body

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Laser or injections?

Our expert doctors and surgeons offer both and will recommend the best option after assessment of your veins.

  • Facial thread vein using advanced laser or microcautery ‘laser’ device
    • ideal for smaller veins e.g. nose, top lip, cheeks
    • spider veins, broken capillaries or ‘burst blood vessels’
  • Leg thread vein prices using sclerotherapy injections or laser
    • treat bluish/red marks on the skin
    • knees, thighs and ankle treatment


Before and after photos

Thread vein treatment before after

A complex network of thread veins behind the knees were removed leaving skin appearing smooth and healthy-looking.

Face Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins on nose and upper lip removed painlessly with laser cautery.

Cheek Thread Vein

A prominent thread vein was quickly removed from the cheek, making the complexion much clearer.

Leg Thread Veins

"Amazed at how easy it was" Joanne, thread vein removal

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