Skin Problems & Conditions

Our skin is the biggest organ of the human body and as such it can have many minor complaints as well as some more serious issues. Its healing capabilities are amazing given the fact that most scars are a result of overhealing to ensure that any injury is more than sufficiently dealt with. The main concern around most skin problems is that they are often cosmetically embarrassing and make us feel self conscious. This can affect our confidence and self esteem especially with longstanding chronic conditions that may just about settle down only to flare up a few days or weeks later.

Face Treatments

  • Common problems we encounter are the appearance of lines and wrinkles due to the natural ageing process or accelerated premature ageing that is more common in fair skin individuals, smokers or those with high sun exposure.
  • Loss of volume in people’s faces can often make them look tired and gaunt especially if they have lost weight too. To combat this we can use products to restore subtle facial fullness through injectable products such as dermal fillers.
  • Thread veins or spider veins can be a nuisance, especially with people noticing or commenting. Treatments for thread vein removal are safe and effective as long as they are done in a professional medical setting.
  • Cosmedics also have many patients who are concerned about their facial moles and unsure of what to look for or have had conflicting advice in the past. Skin tags, warts or cysts can also appear on the face or neck and be quite prominent. This is an area of specialism for Cosmedics Skin Doctors.

Body Treatments

  • skin moles on your body which can be either flat or raised and more moles tend to occur as we age. Any patients that require mole removal for either aesthetic or potentially malignant lesions are performed in our specialist skin clinics. We can arrange a full body mole check body including the soles of the feet, toenails and mouth as well as the buttock and genital areas as any part of skin can be eligible to get a skin cancer.
  • Patients who suffer with underarm excessive sweating are able access our stop sweating clinics to find a remedy for their problem. Hyperhidrosis injections into the armpit are so effective that we can guarantee to stop the sweat patches.
  • Warts on the fingers, hand and feet are not only disfiguring but can also be painful. Other sites that warts occur are the sensitive genital areas. They are often caused by a virus that is picked up via contact with people who already have it. Treatments involve creams, freezing, laser and surgery according to how thick and resistant they are.
  • Skin tags are tiny fleshy soft pieces of skin that stick out on the body. They are often medically harmless but nonetheless annoying and unsightly and often occur in large numbers on the neck, armpits and groin.

Leg Treatments

  • Prominent leg veins or thread veins are common and not always abnormal. However, their appearance can be unsightly, especially in bare legs
  • Varicose Veins are often painful as well as ugly looking bulges. They are seen in the upper and lower legs and can occur at any age. Effective permanent laser and non surgical treatment options are now available.
  • Unwanted, inconvenient or excessive hair growth can be treated with laser hair removal for smooth skin year round.

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