Dermal Wrinkle Fillers

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Popular areas for filling lines and creases include:

  • frown lines
  • nose to mouth lines
  • lips (for fullness / smokers’ lines)
  • hollow cheeks

Cosmedics Clinics doctors renowned for:

  • Natural looking results … we never overfill patients and always are conservative often saying no where we feel is it not suitable.
  • First class service at affordable pricing with a friendly longstanding team of doctors
  • Above all our safety and ethical stance on treatment provision is well documented in the press.

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Treatment Information

Popular Dermal Filler Treatment Costs

Treatment Price (from)
Facial fillers from £380
Lip enhancement from £380
Nose to mouth lines from £530-£630
Cheek enhancement from £420-£670
8 point filler facelift (including lift to cheeks, jowls,
from £670

Prices for dermal fillers for treating lines and creases or lip enhancement are based on the amount used as well as the brand/type. This will be discussed and agreed in your consultation with the Doctor.

Dermal Filler Doctor Consultation

A full dermal facial filler consultation with our doctors costs £50.

Prices for treatments carried out in the same appointment as the consultation will include the £50 consultation fee (note: same day procedures are only undertaken where the procedure is deemed appropriate to do so AND the patient understands the full extent of the costs, risks and potential side effects and is consenting to proceed on that knowledge).

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“Delighted it’s so natural looking”

Jen. A London

Superb natural results.

I highly recommend Cosmedics for your first time or if you need that special attention to get the soft result that no one notices.

The doctors are among the best there are. They are a really friendly lot and will look after you  so well.

Mary Jane London 1/12/12

Injectable dermal wrinkle injections have become an essential part of millions of people’s beauty routines. These tiny little injections work very simply by adding extra volume into the skin to fill out lines or creases.  They can also be used to highlight any specific feature – for example, lip enhancement is one of the most popular uses for filler injections.

Popular areas for filling lines and creases include:

  • frown lines
  • nose to mouth lines
  • lips (for extra fullness or to combat smokers’ lines)
  • forehead lines

The latest generation of deep fillers are especially designed for use in larger areas, such as hollows that can appear below the eyes or in the cheeks.

Cosmedics Clinics only use non-permanent fillers for facial injections. All treatments are done by doctors.


Before & After

Facial rejuvenation combining wrinkle relaxing injections with dermal fillers

The deep crease between the eyebrows, which can make people look permanently "cross", is effectively erased with facial filler.

After treatment with dermal fillers, the skin is much fresher and smoother with forehead and nose-mouth creases filled.

Facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are popular with men to smooth out deep nose to mouth lines

Dermal fillers can smooth out scars, such as deep acne scarring

The patient had deep nose to mouth lines which he disliked. Dermal fillers were used to soften and blend out the lines.

Dermal fillers can also be used to rejuvenate the decolletage/chest

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